August 2, 2017
Daniel Kizana
Rocket Chainsaw / Feature

It’s never easy, being the new kid on the block. Particularly in an industry like gaming, where a less-than-stellar debut can seal the fate of a new company, relegating them to the ‘Under $5’ section on Steam and inevitable collapse.

As such, I’m very excited to have come across Phantom 8 and their upcoming title, Past Cure. Having started out in 2016 with only 3 people on the team, Phantom 8 have grown to a staff of 10, with a goal of further growth and a mission to make high quality, cinematic games. They have a commitment to self-publishing, which they believe will ensure reasonably priced, high value titles, without all the financial and creative pressure being heaped on by AAA publishers.

This is an up and coming developer who’s not only got a decent game on the way, but is saying all the right things and clearly focusing their energy toward growth through quality game design, rather than worrying about how soon they can implement micro-transactions without public backlash. Phantom 8 is proving there is hope for smaller devs.

Their debut title, Past Cure, is an action/horror blend with stealth elements and a strong focus on the intertwining of plot and gameplay mechanics. The protagonist, Ian, is the victim of some past trauma that resulted in gaining psychic abilities, such as mind control and astral projection, and is on a mission to uncover the true nature of his transformation and punish those responsible.

Death will be frequent; in fact, it is an expected part of Ian’s journey as he re-lives a recurring nightmare and struggles against its inevitable, fatal outcome. In both the real world and the ‘nightmare’ world, Ian’s sanity will fragment as he abuses his newfound psychic abilities, with hallucinations and other consequences as punishment for the unreserved use of these powers. His journey has been made intentionally difficult, with many scenarios weighted heavily against survival, in order to force the player into a calculated, considered approach to progress.

Inspired by films like Inception and John Wick, Phantom 8 have put enormous effort into the motion-capture of their combat system, which is a slick blend of martial arts and stylised, Hollywood showmanship. Whether hacking a camera, mind-controlling a guard or going all out with the brilliantly animated hand-to-hand combat, gameplay challenges in Past Cure will reflect the overwhelming odds stacked against a single man taking on an enormous conspiracy.

Past Cure is shaping up to be a complex and artful experience, and Phantom 8 have certainly got my attention due to their passion and commitment to quality in all aspects of the game. At $29 on launch (most likely USD), there’s little reason to skip what could be one of the most ambitious games of 2017. I’m even more keen, though, to see what comes next from an emergent Dev with their heads screwed on straight.

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October 21, 2017

Razer has today unveiled two new pieces of peripherals that they are calling “streamer-certified”. The new Razer Kiyo webcam boasts 60FPS at 720p and 30FPS at 1080p, while the new Razer Seiren X is a USB condenser microphone which looks about as professional as they get. The new Razer Kiyo is a FullHD webcam with a twist. The camera literally has a twistable light around its edge known as a ring-light, allowing streamers to adjust the level of light on their face for optimal screen-in-screen streaming of their reactions as they play the latest games. Check out the Razer Kiyo and Ra...

October 21, 2017

With just a few days to go, Super Mario Odyssey is about to make waves across the gaming world providing what looks to be a stunning AAA title for the Nintendo Switch’s 2017 holiday season. We&#...

October 21, 2017

With just over two weeks until the new Xbox One X hits the shelves, Microsoft has released another short teaser demonstrating how you will ‘feel true power’. The Xbox One X is the first Xb...

October 20, 2017

Professional wrestling and video games are two forms of entertainment that are made for each other. On one hand you have staged performances with some of the most charismatic athletes on the planet, and on the other you have the perfect platform to replay and create all your favourite wrestling moments. WWE 2K18 is the latest iteration in a long list of yearly WWE games, and since the legendary WWE Chairman Vince McMahon continues to buy out his competitors, it now has a monopoly on the genre. ‘Be like no one’ is the motto for WWE 2K18, featuring cover superstar Seth Rollins and is the bi...

October 20, 2017

Bungie has just confirmed that PC users can now get the Destiny 2 preload on their computers in anticipation for the game’s release on the 24th of October, next Tuesday. As long as you’ve got the game pre-ordered and activated on your Blizzard App, the Destiny 2 preload should start automatically. Note: we had to do a Blizzard App update before it began the install. Your Destiny 2 preload will unlock at 4AM Eastern Australian Standard Time next Tuesday, so it may be worthwhile beginning the 38GB download as soon as possible. You are one of humanity’s last remaining Guardians. Yo...

October 19, 2017

In its opening hours, The Evil Within 2 features some of the most arresting and beautiful horror imagery I’ve seen in a video game in years – even if the designers still wear their influences on their sleeve. As the red curtains (lifted from Twin Peaks) pull back and you discover all manner of bizarre time-frozen exhibits (reminiscent of The Cell), the game nonetheless sets up its own creepy and abstract world, where murder can be turned into a work of art. On the strength of the opening and other moments in the first third of the game, The Evil Within 2 is a must-buy for h...

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October 19, 2017

Nintendo has just released firmware version 4.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch, and much to the excitement of fans it brings with it more than just stability enhancements. The update brings functionality t...

October 18, 2017

The 2017 PlayStation Store Halloween Sale has just gone live in Australia, and features a huge list of scary (and not so scary) games and DLC for players to purchase at up to 60% off. Pick up ghastly games like Resident Evil 7 at 60% off, or EPIC’s popular new online shooter Fortnite Founders Packs at 33% off. Most of Bethesda’s Fallout 4 DLC packs are also a bargain at 50% off. Click here to be taken to the PlayStation Store Halloween Sale. The latest DOOM is just $17.95AUD, and the Dead Souls 3 Deluxe Edition which includes the season pass can be had for just $47.95AUD. The sa...

October 18, 2017

While others cringe and recoil at the very mention of South Park, I’ve long been a massive fan of the lewd and crude humour of the show. With political incorrectness and current affairs always at the front, South Park tackles its subjects with an irreverence that is unmatched in the medium. This is also true of gaming, where no game (even South Park games) matches the level of irreverence that Matt and Trey’s baby has shown over the last two decades. That was until South Park: The Stick of Truth came along. The Stick of Truth perfectly encompassed the myriad of parts that make South Park w...

October 18, 2017

Wargaming has further committed to growing their burgeoning Australian community by announcing they are launching a local server for players in Australian and New Zealand. The prime time servers will...

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