CouchWarriors League Online Results – May

June 5, 2020
Tom Anderson
Couch Warriors / CouchWarriors League

Another month of weekly online tournaments is in the books, and while we’re all pining for a regular ranbat sometime soon, this way of continuing the CouchWarriors League has proven to be a success. Plenty of great matches and stories emerged from the online brackets in May, so let’s run down exactly what happened for those who missed it.

The weekly CouchWarriors League Online events each focus on one of the major games supported by the League, with the placegetters receiving League points as part of our ongoing tournament season.

A handy reference for our online tournament schedule during the pandemic period is on Twitter. You can always check the current standings for each game and player in CouchWarriors League here.

Street Fighter V

  2. Rupps
  3. ORDER|Travis Styles

Kicking off our monthly schedule was Street Fighter, with a Steam voucher up for grabs thanks to… CouchWarriors! Last month’s SFV bracket was a solid, predictable affair for the most part, so people sat up and took notice when first Xavier “DS|Somniac” Nardella and then ORDER’s Travis Styles – the defending champion from April – suffered upsets in Winners Quarters.

Their conquerors, Peter “Rupps” Barron and Fraser “FREESER” Johnson, proceeded to carry their momentum all the way to Grand Finals. FREESER was almost undefeated on his Honda, sweeping Rupps in Winners Finals, but Rupps kept up the shocking theme of the day and narrowly eliminated Travis to earn his chance at a grappler v. grappler runback.

But despite busting out the Mad Max Abigail and taking the West Australian to a much closer set this time around, Rupps couldn’t make it happen as E.Honda raked in a CWL win.

Smash Melee

  1. GZ|Sock
  2. dice|Nangs
  3. S.D.

Another great story played out in the Melee bracket the following weekend. Jacob “GZ|Sock” Waddell set out for revenge, hoping to claim victory over Joshua “DS|Sora” Lyras. But we were denied a repeat of April’s Grand Finals when Sora was forced to drop halfway through the event. Instead, a spectre of Smash past rose in his place, with local legend Sam “S.D” Darroch making a rare run through the bracket.

S.D’s bye against Sora led him to Winners Finals against Sock, where he took a hard loss, before falling to Losers Finals against South Australia’s top dog dice|Nangs. The two were very evenly matched, but Nangs managed to just get over the line 3-2, putting himself into Grand Finals. Carrying that winning momentum forward, Nangs then managed to earn a bracket reset over Sock, unleashing some inspired Samus combos.

But in a testament to Sock’s experience and determination, he was able to regroup and use that extra set to take back control of the matchup, eventually winning 3-1. It’s been a strong 2 months for Sock, but he’ll need to maintain that form when majors start up again if he’s going to reel in Sora’s significant CWL points lead.



  1. GRU|Stuckles
  2. FAM|Gun_Mo
  3. arbiter

We’re seeing the online rivalry between Chris “GRU|Stuckles” Stuckey and Kun-Mo “FAM|Gun_Mo” Yon heat up through these CWL events, and they clashed again in May after dismissing almost all other competition without a game loss. Stuckles was tested once during his run, by Brisbane’s Jan “jmkayz” Canedo, while Gun_Mo was actually sent to Losers early on by arbiter.

While Gun_Mo was able to eventually get his revenge in Losers Finals with a 3-0 win, the damage was done. Last month’s Grand Finals saw Stuckles win the first set, only to fall short in the reset. But with the Winners advantage on his side this month, we had no need for a 2nd set to decide our winner.

Congratulations to Stuckles on going one better this time – will the June online event be the tiebreaker in this feud?


Smash Ultimate

  1. GZ|SebPro101
  2. Dags
  3. Becchino

This Ultimate tournament came hot on the heels of an even LARGER online event run by CouchWarriors and Kanga Esports, with the support of Cospendium. A lot of buzz carried over and resulted in over 200 signups for this CWL bracket, a grand melee (well, Ultimate) of AusSmash.

A field that size is going to yield up plenty of dark horses, and there were more than a few upsets as we whittled things down to Top 8.

One of the most impressive runs came from Aiden “Becchino” Scalzo. Prior to this, he was a player very much on the periphery in terms of results, but he made a strong showing here as he made it all the way to Losers Finals. He almost made it one step further, but Connor “Dags” Scott clutched it out with a 3-2 win. This earned Dags a Grand Finals date with Sebastian “GZ|SebPro101” Poli-Tabone, who was looking to defend his crown from the month before.

Dags had already taken a game off SebPro in his Winners Final loss, and he managed to get another 2 here to almost force the reset. But Seb continued his dominance and closed things out to move a few spots up the crowded CWL leaderboard.


That’s all the results for our May online events! Congratulations to all who competed – and to those who didn’t, what’s stopping you? Catch the online bug and sign up for our June events now!

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