Square-Enix Makes Final Fantasy Music Available For Streaming

June 6, 2019

Written by Jamie Galea

The Final Fantasy series is one of the few franchises out that has a litany of music as famous as the games themselves. However, for the longest time Square-Enix have made it difficult to listen to the soundtracks legally unless you’re open to the idea of important music from Japan. That’s changed from today as Square-Enix have uploaded a treasure trove of Final Fantasy music onto Spotify & Apple Music.

While you can find most of them by searching for Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack into your service of choice, that won’t provide everything that’s available, because it’s quite surprising just how much is available and how much is listed under a generic artist name of “Various Artists”. While we’re sure Square-Enix will amend this over time, here’s a listing of every album we could find via Spotify.



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