August 15, 2016
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Suicide Squad is out, and it’s getting a very mixed response. Some critics are panning it as a poorly produced mess ruined in the editing room and board room. More positive reviews are going so far as to call the movie “okay.” After a brace of trailers that blew everyone away, those same audiences may be feeling a little short-changed after finding out that the final product is basically a complete, two-hour long version of those same trailers.

But what was Suicide Squad supposed to be? Was it DC Comics’ attempt to recreate Guardians of the Galaxy, as was originally the case? No. Was it a wholly irredeemable train wreck? No. It had one job, and it did this job incredibly well. That job just wasn’t to entertain the audience.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Suicide Squad]

There’s a term in the movie business for specific projects like Suicide Squad: “Star vehicle.” A star vehicle is a movie which is framed around one actor, where almost each and every frame is used to showcase their acting chops to help ‘sell’ them to audiences. Successful star vehicles are often, in hindsight, referred to as a certain actor’s “breakout role,” the role that really launched them into stardom. The practice was more common in the 30s and 40s, when actors would be contracted to work exclusively with specific studios, placing responsibility on the studios themselves to build an actor’s profile with the public.

While the origins of the term is more difficult to trace, one of the first films of this type was 1939’s The Wizard of Oz, the promotion of which was centered around the talents of a then-teenaged Judy Garland. Actors now more commonly signed on for individual movies, but star vehicles are still fairly common: Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman; Dwayne Johnson in The Scorpion King (back when he was still being billed as The Rock); and Miley Cyrus in The Last Song, an effort by Disney to break Cyrus away from the Hanna Montana character. The British nouveau-Ritchie crime drama Layer Cake, while not particularly a big hit in its own right, was a star vehicle for its leading actor Daniel Craig, whose subtle, charming drug trader Mr. X was essentially Craig’s resume to be the next James Bond, a role he secured in Casino Royale.

Suicide Squad

So if Suicide Squad is a star vehicle, who is it promoting? There aren’t really any massive unknowns amongst the cast. Will Smith is Will Smith, the charming down to earth hero character who’s basically had vehicle after vehicle after vehicle going back as far as The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Jared Leto is an Academy Award winning method actor famous for roles in Fight Club, American Psycho, and Dallas Buyers Club. Even Margot Robbie, arguably the greenest of the leading players, is renowned for her roles in The Wolf of Wall Street and Focus, playing opposite Will Smith. Who is left for the movie to promote to film audiences?

Harley Quinn herself.

It wouldn’t be the first time a superhero movie has used an ensemble flick to test the waters for a future main player. Just this past summer, Captain America: Civil War introduced Black Panther (another character making his live action debut) to the Marvel cinematic universe in a similar way. Like Harley, there was also a lot riding on how this character was received by audiences, albeit for largely different reasons; Marvel, sadly, was simply unsure how a black superhero would be received by audiences, but DC had a wholly different problem.

In a Suicide Squad roster that lacks team regulars like Bronze Tiger or Killer Frost, Harley Quinn is the odd girl out, more renowned for her adventures in Gotham than anything else. And yet she was understandably absent from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy — Heath Ledger’s Joker simply didn’t need her. While she’s one of the most loved of Batman’s rogues by the hardcore comics audience and regularly gets prominent billing in animation and videogame properties, Harley’s character makes for a difficult sell to more mainstream cinema audiences.

There are legitimate concerns about trying to add a character as simultaneously inexhaustibly cheery and crushingly pitiable as Harley to a more realist, down to earth blockbuster machine like the DC Cinematic Universe, not to mention the doubts that any live-action performer could even ‘get’ the Harley Quinn character at all. If DC was to bring Harley Quinn into the cinematic universe, it needed proof that audiences would accept her, and that’s where Suicide Squad came in.

Harley Quinn 2

From the very opening credits, the DC Comics and Warner Bros logos overlaid with red, black and white diamonds makes the purpose of the film clear: Give movie audiences a whole lotta Harley and see if they buy it. And audiences got a whole lotta Harley: Iconic comic elements like her ‘baptism’ at ACE Chemicals, the quintessential red and black jester number, the slow-burn seduction of mild-mannered Dr Quinzel at the hands of Leto’s Joker — it’s all there.

There’s a particular scene in which the Joker is believed to have been killed. A despondent Harley sees Smith’s Deadshot and Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang approach, and almost like a lightswitch calls them over with a peppy wave, bravely burying her misery. It’s clear to these two she’s struggling, but both recognise the reason she’s covering it up: Do the right thing and give her agency over her emotions. A scene like this absolutely hinges on Robbie’s ability to convey the exact balance of masked sorrow and feigned joy; too far one way and all emotional value of the scene’s lost, too far the other way and the hero characters look like dicks. Robbie absolutely nailed it, Smith and Courtney played off it well, and the movie continued. If in the future the already-rumoured Harley Quinn movie becomes a hit, I’m gonna point back to this one scene and tell everyone who’ll listen ‘that’s the moment I knew this was happening.’

Reviews of the film might be ranging from “alright” to “atrocious,” but one of the consistent themes in feedback is that the Clown Princess of Crime steals the show. It’s hard not to just gush over Robbie’s performance. Rather than the true Guardians Of The Galaxy-esque ensemble many moviegoers expected, Suicide Squad is a more objective-driven vehicle to introduce a character not many mainstream fans are overly familiar with. The movie itself may not be to everyone’s tastes, but it did its job. Harley Quinn’s on the silver screen at last — and she’s brilliant.

June 29, 2017

Ever Oasis is an action-adventure RPG game developed by Japanese developers Grezzo for the Nintendo 3DS. You may or may not have heard of Grezzo, but they’re the people responsible for developing several notable titles for 3DS, including the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time remakes for 3DS, as well as the more recent title Triforce Heroes. Ever Oasis is a brand new IP from the developers, led by director/producer Koichi Ishii, creator of the legendary Mana series. Ever Oasis is firmly rooted in the action-RPG genre, but with added life-sim elements. You, a Seedling with...

June 26, 2017

I finally finished Rise Of The Tomb Raider. It took me a while to get into the game but by the end Id say it is up there with the recent Deus Ex games for quality and experience. Being spoilt by Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, I would have liked more stealth in the most recent Tomb Raider games. I think that would suit the character better. Lara would be ridiculously strong from all that climbing but she is still up against paid mercenaries so hand to hand or close combat should be a last resort. Dragging guys into the bushes and killing them was fun but made me miss the way Human Revo...

June 14, 2017

Nintendo has traditionally taken up the final press conference slot, though its showcases have recently been anything but. In this spirit, we are going to mix things up this time and bring on TWO of our contributors, Christos and Katherine, to run you through this years announcements.  Hey there everyone, my name’s Christos, or 8BitWalugi, a new member of New Game Plus team. Along with Katherine, or Kaphrin, also a new collaborator with the NG+ crew, we’re going to give you the lowdown on Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight and share our thoughts on some of the games showed off during the 25 minu...

June 13, 2017

Opening the theme-park decorated Bethesdaland press briefing, Global VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hinds walked out on stage and promised a showcase that would be an experience at E3 unlike anything else. What followed was a 40 minute trailer supercut in essence that put Bethesdas upcoming projects front and centre, highlighting how bizarre and unique (for better or worse) these games and initiatives have the potential to be. Fortunately, what lacked was a great deal of cringe, and unfortunately, this is likely what was being referred to as unlike anything else at E3. Leading the char...

June 13, 2017

It must be hard being the E3 king. After blowing everyone away in 2015 with Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue 3, Sony has had to maintain this newfound reputation of nonstop bombshell announcements and mic-drop moments. It managed to pull it off last year with Death Stranding, although we could all tell that the well was running dry. This year, it was obvious that Sony is starting to scrape the bottom. This was apparent with Days Gone, the open-world zombie game announced at last year’s E3. Back then it was humdrum at best and this year’s demo proved no better, highlighting its QTE comb...

June 13, 2017

Before we start, real talk: Ubisoft has copped a bit of a flogging to the reputation lately, despite releasing some decent games in the past few years amongst the turmoil. So it was up to the company coming into E3 to leave all that behind and come out swinging, and boy did they give it a red hot go, starting off by bringing out Nintendos Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen to announce Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The unlikely crossover titles teams Mario with the Rabbids characters as you battle to restore the Mushroom Kingdom after universal upheaval sees Peach, Luigi and co put in danger ...

June 12, 2017

A new console usually brings with it unfounded grandstanding, a lot of hypothetical scenarios but little on day-to-day life with this new box. And in a year where Microsoft’s big tentpoles, Gears of War and Halo, are still being developed and where the platform partnerships seem to be going Sony’s way, you’d think that this would be the Scorpio Power Hour. Yes, we got some of that and more mentions of 4K than pixels in a 4K monitor, but this year’s Xbox Briefing somehow had even more game announcements. Starting with the showstopper, the Xbox One X (formerly Project Scorpio) is the pre...

June 10, 2017

Around this time every year, EA likes to remind us that it does things differently to the rest of the industry; just look at last years Los Angeles-London show and the developer-centric show from years before. This time around, EA continued to defy expectation with its EA Play event, and like last year it was a combination of promising and punishing. Where EA has previously been very friendly with influencers and content creators, this year saw EA entirely embracing them. Not only did CEO Andrew Wilson’s opening speech give plenty of lip service to the greater community, content creators w...

June 2, 2017

With days until E3 2017, Nintendo re-announced its paid online suite for the Switch, clarifying details in newspaper interviews and press conferences. There are three big takeaways from the announcement: The service will cost $AU29.95 for a yearly subscription; You’ll be able to pay for the service in 2018, with 2017 remaining free for all users; and finally, Nintendo is offering a library of classic games featuring online enhancements. And yet I’m still not sold on what Nintendo is offering. Nintendo now charging for online functionality raises a certain level of expectation on the ser...

May 16, 2017

Hey Everyone, Genxa from OzHadou here with my first impressions of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. General Impressions There are a number of popular fighting games on the market right now, but the current generation still lacks a fast-paced and exciting title to fill the hole that was left by Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is definitely there to do that job. I feel the game has a lot of potential for creativity which the current roster of fighting titles seem to lack. Judging by the roster available in the preview build, it is easy to see that Marvel is putting a heavy e...

May 1, 2017

I should be far more excited for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 than I actually am. It’s the first comic book movie since 2014 that I’m genuinely excited to see, but as we inch ever close to release, I’m worried about the amount of information getting out there. While no plot spoilers have been revealed, various members of the Guardians team have been happily talking to the press and public about specific elements of the movie, and theyre being posting them without any warning or way of avoiding spoilers. Details about the soundtrack, casting and even the amount of post-credit sequen...

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January 13, 2017

When other companies announce their consoles they go deep into the numbers, focusing on sales figures, subscribers and teraflops. Nintendo was never one to conform with its fellow console makers, a tradition which continued when we found out the hybrid home/handheld nature of the Switch  and Friday’s full reveal was no different. Let’s get straight into the important details. The Switch will launch worldwide on 3rd March 2017 and will cost $US299 (as at writing, EB Games has the console listed for $AU469). The Switch will feature a capacitive touchscreen (more akin to a smartphone than t...

June 14, 2016

Sony had an absolute blinder of a conference last year; on the back of three major game reveals that absolutely nobody saw coming it hands down dominated the show. This year the audience went in knowing there was no possible way they could match that show, but boy did Sony still try. The show opened with an epic sounding symphonic score and low guttural choir, culminating in the reveal of the next God Of War. Bringing with it a new over-the-shoulder perspective instead of the fixed camera angles of past games, it introduces Kratos as an amusingly bad parent with a young protege in a new Norse...

June 13, 2016

There was a moment at the start of this year’s Ubisoft press conference which sums up the company in one. Immediately after a dance routine set to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, host Aisha Tyler, surrounded by loudly-dressed dancers and also a giraffe, made an heartfelt tribute to the victims of the recent Orlando shootings. This mix of earnestness and occasional weirdness has been Ubisoft’s MO for a while now, and this year’s showings were no exception. Ubisoft started off with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, providing further insight into the drug cartel take-down which will dr...

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