New Game Plus

Remember New Games Plus TV is on tonight. They will also be returning to TGF 2019

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Trailer – Xbox E3 Briefing 2019

TGF 2019 will be covering many of the upcoming releases

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Cosplay Competition on everyday at TGF 2019 Sign up each day (admin desk) #cosplay #melbourne #costumes #tgf2019 #comiccon

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Still broke shirt $15

You can support New Game Plus AND look good by wearing our awesome merchandise.

This black t-shirt says:

300 Rupee.
5,000 Gil.
7,000 Septum.
800 Bottlecaps.
10,000 Bison Dollar.

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New Game Plus

Tonight's episode

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RetroBlasting BRINGS THE BARGE to Melbourne, Australia!

We spent last weekend with Michael French from Retroblasting. If you are into Retro, check out his channel. I am sure you will enjoy it

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SG BlackMarket

Do you have a collection at home. Contact us and showcase at TGF 2019

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Knightfall Garrison

The 501st Knightfall Garrison will be attending TGF 2019. Meet and Greet the Knightfall Garrison. A few lucky people will get the chance to compete in Games Tournaments on stage against the Empire. Cosplay as you favourite Star Wars Character! Register online to attend - [Click here] #501st #501stlegion #tgf2019 #techgamesfest #melbourne #cosplay #knightfallgarrison

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Cause and Effect Gamers

Cause and Effect Gamers has been running events for a very long time. Check out this album from one our previous events. Like what you see, Like the page and maybe get involved.

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iDEF 08 Teaser eGames Expo 2008 Melbourne

Blast from the past that many of us were involved in years ago. Before PAX, EBExpo and countless others expos, we had the eGames Expo. It was huge

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CGBC 2009 Lost Footage

Lost Footage from an event we ran back in 2009.

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Kanga Esports

Kanga Esports will be returning to TGF this year

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Are you a Lego Builder? Would you like to showcase your builds at TGF this year? We can supply you with tables and chairs to show off your builds? We may have a build off this year with prizes? Contact us if you are interested. All ages welcome to display #lego #legomasters #legobuild

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Pinball Party Bus

Pinball Party will be returning to TGF this year. Welcome back :) #TGF #pinball #melbourne

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Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | “Powerful” TV Spot

Who is going to see Avengers Endgame this week? Reminder that the Cosplay theme for this year is Comic book characters (it does not stop you from dressing as other themes). [Click here]

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Hacker's Secrets Revealed

Learn about Cyber security and Hacking at TGF 2019. Cyber Security is currently part of the Free courses program.

Youtube - 5 months ago

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