Looking for that one elusive collectable you can't quite get your head around? Allow Matt to guide you through collecting all 20 Goats in Resident Evil Village!

Beware! The following video and description contains location and story spoilers. Proceed only if you've completed a full playthrough of Resident Evil Village!

1. Village Graveyard - 1:24
2. Village Church - 1:44
3. Village Fallow Plot - 2:04
4. Vineyard Castle Dimitrescu - 2:27
5. B1 Distillery Castle Dimitrescu - 2:48
6. RF Attic Castle Dimitrescu - 3:24
7. Village Lone Road - 4:06
8. Village Mausoleum - 4:30
9. Village Near Luthier's House - 5:02
10. Potter's Field Suspension Bridge - 5:28
11. Exterior House Beneviento - 5:51
12. Reservoir South Windmill - 6:18
13. Reservoir Platform Panel - 6:40
14. Reservoir First Windmill - 7:11
15. 1F Altar Otto's Mill - 7:56
16. B1 Stronghold Spiral Staircase - 8:38
17. B2 Ventilation Shaft Heisenberg's Factory - 9:09
18. Before Cargo Bay Heisenberg's Factory - 9:40
19. Cargo Lift Heisenberg's Factory - 10:18
20. Lake Statue Megamycete Crater - 10:55


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