New Game Plus is a show about videogames, internet and culture. It airs weekly on Channel 31 in Melbourne and Geelong Wednesday nights at 10pm, Channel 31 in Brisbane Thursday nights 9:30pm, TVS Sydney Thursday nights 9:30pm and FaceTV in New Zealand Tuesdays at 4:30pm.

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New Game Plus is a TV show about videogames, culture, anime, movies and more. It airs on Channel 31 (44 in your EPG) in Melbourne and Geelong Wednesdays at 10:00pm, 31 Digital in Brisbane Thursdays at 9:30pm, TVS Television Sydney Thursdays at 10:30pm, FaceTV (New Zealand) Tuesdays at 4:30pm.

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The internet is where we play and connect. In this series New Game Plus speaks to politicians, industry and academics about issues affecting the internet and changes the government plans to make. This is serious business.

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Remember when developers finished their games? Before DLC, microtransactions and massive updates. Old Game Plus pretends the last few years never happened.

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