Minecraft helps Syrian refugees feel more hopeful

"NYU researchers found that young Syrian refugees who regularly played Minecraft felt significantly less hopeless. Minecraft gives children a sense of control and sense of possibility, according the researchers. The game helps restore feelings that are stripped from refugees. "Minecraft is this one place where you can create anything. And where you are in control," said Jan L. Plass, professor at NYU's Steinhardt School. "You have the ultimate freedom. And you can change the environment around...

21 days ago

There's A Minecraft Festival Coming To Sydney Opera House

Competitions, the Lead Creative Designer, and information about how Minecraft can be used in an educational setting. This looks great. "Minecraft at the Sydney Opera House is designed for everyone: from dedicated players of all ages (who can compete to win an Xbox One), to parents and educators who can understand and unpack how the game can be applied in an educational setting - and even younger gamers who can meet (and challenge) new friends." "Alongside the competitions, Lead Creative Design...

23 days ago

May 31, 2017


When you play games you are training your brain to adapt, think ahead, and make decisions. Just like physical exercise, the more you do activities with your brain the better it gets at those activities.

Video - 27 days ago


Videogames are the ultimate safe space.

Status - 2 months ago

Video games may be a viable treatment for depression, finds study

Playing specially designed "brain training" games may be a viable treatment for depression. "Researchers from University of California in the US looked at results from about 160 student volunteers (with an average age of 21) who said they suffered from mild depression. Three-fourths were women, and more than half of the subjects were of Asian heritage, followed by white, Latino, and other ethnicities. Using six, three-minute games, the study found in most cases that playing the specifically de...

3 months ago

Texas A&M International University

A 2010 study found that both male and female gamers who play violent videogames handle stress better. "Young adults—male and female—who play violent video games long-term handle stress better than non-playing adults and become less depressed and less hostile following a stressful task, according to a study by Texas A&M International University associate professor, Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson." [Click here]

4 months ago

How Video Game Characters Can Make Girls Feel Better About Themselves

How Video Game Characters Can Make Girls Feel Better About Themselves. We recommend games like the recent Tomb Raider games, Life Is Strange, or Child Of Light. Even though it is a beauty/fashion based game, Style Boutique for the Nintendo 3DS is great because it involves running a business and teaches some aspects of that. Games like Fallout 4 give you the option to play equally as well as a male or female character.

Surprise! Video Games Still Don't Make You Violent

We know videogames have benefits such as faster decision making and better reflexes, and we know they can be great for relieving stress, but what about the age-old argument that violent videogames cause players to become violent? Once again, a scientific study finds no link. From the article... "Researchers in Germany recently conducted a study using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) on long-term players of violent video games. They set out to prove their hypothesis that gamers have...

4 months ago

Stephanie 'Hex' Bendixsen

Divert your anger and be thankful that there will at least be another gaming show available. That is always a good thing

Status - 5 months ago

Tetris Shown to Lessen PTSD and Flashbacks

The visual-spatial demands of playing Tetris disrupt the formation of the mental imagery involved in flashbacks. [Click here]

5 months ago

Seven reasons why grown ups should play more video games

We would also add: - the story-telling in some games now surpasses a lot of what you get on TV - more grown-ups in on-line communities will help change how they behave on average - games are a far cheaper and safer alternative to "pokies" or other entertainment that use similar methods to attract older people to play but in a predatory way Games are for everybody! [C...

6 months ago

Vive Developer Overflow Makes Custom App For Alzheimer's Patient - TechRaptor

Can Virtual Reality be used to treat Alzheimer’s and other conditions? Vive Developer Overflow made a custom app for an alzheimer’s patient based on a study that indicated pulses at the 40hz frequency can help alleviate symptoms. [Click here]

6 months ago

This Augmented Reality Game Can Halve 'Phantom Limb' Pain

Amputees can suffer pain from where their missing limbs used to be. There are few effective treatments and the pain can be so severe that it affects the quality of life and mental health of sufferers. "[R]esearchers placed sensors on the patients' stumps to detect muscular activity for the missing arm. The signals were then fed into a computer that decoded and used them to create an active virtual arm on a computer screen, representing the missing limb." The study found that there was "a 32 pe...

7 months ago

How Video Games Are Helping Young Veterans Cope

How Video Games Are Helping Young Veterans Cope with PTSD "Two long wars have left nearly a half a million veterans suffering from PTSD. For many of them, gaming offers a unique form of support, distraction, and even treatment." [Click here]

8 months ago

Homepage | Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition has officially launched. Minecraft for the classroom helps children can learn about real world planning, issues like deforestation, and even how life can be sustained on an alien planet. [Click here]

8 months ago

League of Legends shows way for esports phenomenon

36 million viewers, $2.1 million prize for first place, and pro players are "fit, have stamina and have good mental preparation". Professional videogames are not what most people think. [Click here]

8 months ago

At the World's First Cybathlon, Proud Cyborg Athletes Raced for the Gold

Not videogames but still an amazing story about the use of technology... Last Saturday, in a sold-out stadium in Zurich, Switzerland, the world's first cyborg Olympics showed the world a new science-fiction version of sports. At the Cybathlon, people with disabilities used robotic technology to turn themselves into cyborg athletes. They competed for gold and glory in six different events... [B]y skillfully controlling advanced technologies, amputees navigated race courses using powered prosthet...

9 months ago

iPad Games Are Better Than Sedatives For Kids In Surgery

iPad Games Are Better Than Sedatives For Kids In Surgery (and their parents). "The researchers found both parental and child anxiety levels to be similar in both groups, with a similar pattern of evolution. Both parents and nurses found anaesthesia more satisfying in the iPad group."

10 months ago

Wii U balance boards help paraplegics better use their exosuits

Here is another story about how videogame hardware is helping paraplegics. Amazing stuff.

10 months ago

August 18, 2016


Virtual Reality helping paraplegics to move again. This is an inspiring use of technology that was originally for videogames.

Video - 10 months ago

Love Video Games and They Will Love You Back - SuperNerdLand

"If you’ve engaged others in a gaming community, you’ve most likely made a lot of friends, and perhaps a few of those have developed into lasting friendships. Through connections like these, I have been able to support, or been supported, by other gamers. I’ve personally seen acts of kindness that would make you weep, such as gamers coming together to help pay for rent, an electric bill, or a dire emergency."

Australian Study Finds Playing Video Games Improves School Grades

"Teenagers who regularly play online video games tend to improve their school results, according to new research from RMIT University. But school students who visit Facebook or chat sites every day are more likely to fall behind in maths, reading and science. Associate Professor Alberto Posso, from RMIT’s School of Economics, Finance and Marketing, investigated the results of testing by the globally recognised Program for International Student Assessment."

August 7, 2016

How big is the Pokemon Go phenomenon? Pokémon Gyms and Pokéstops were removed from the South Carolina State House. Their governor is requesting them back.

Photo - 11 months ago

August 5, 2016

Crinji Looks At Mental Health in Gaming

This segment from New Game Plus takes a look at the effects of Pokémon Go on those with mental illnesses, and how developers, media and event organisers are incorporating the mental health of gamers into their work.

Youtube - 11 months ago

Rae Johnston

We often share Rae Johnston's work. We do that because she's the kind of positive journalist that the industry needs (and she knows what she's talking about)

12 months ago

June 22, 2016

We saw this photo on Twitter. These are so awesome. They should be everywhere! [Click here]

Photo - 1 year ago

Pain Is Not a Game, But VR Games May Help With America’s Opioid Addiction

"What we found was that VR reduces pain as much as a moderate dose of hydromorphone." Virtual Reality can help when pain medication is not enough.

1 year ago

New Australian Study Shows How Playing Action Video Games Increases Co-Ordination

"Regular action gamers had enhanced connectivity in regions of their brains associated with attention and hand-eye coordination. [...] Putting it simply, playing action video games on a regular basis over a number of years can help the parts of your brain that look after attention span and hand-eye co-ordination communicate better, and perform at a higher level."

1 year ago

May 4, 2016

Best Star Wars Videogames - New Game Plus

Star Wars Day has become a phenomenon. Games based on the Star Wars series have generally been very good and are suitable for a very broad range of ages and interests. In this video New Game Plus looks at the best ones to play in each genre. May the 4th be with you! [Click here]

Youtube - 1 year ago

The Minecraft Generation

Minecraft Generation. More than a game, it is digital Lego and the possibilities for learning are almost endless.

1 year ago

1 year ago

Minecraft Education Edition Entering Beta In May

A version of Minecraft made specifically for use in classrooms is coming soon.

1 year ago

E3 Highlights

The New Game Plus team got up early to watch the E3 press conferences so you could stay in bed and sleep. New Game Plus cares. Click on the E3 logo for a collection of all E3 news on the site or on a company logo for details about each of the major E3 events.

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When I was growing up, my two favourite things were RPGs and anime, so when I found out that Level-5 and Studio Ghibli were teaming up create a game I was insanely excited. After waiting years for a W...

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South Park: The Stick of Truth had a fair amount of controversy when it was released. The game was one of the first titles in Australia to receive an R18+ rating by the OFLC, however, it was initially...

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Codemasters today released a new 600MB (on Windows PC) DiRT 4 patch. The new DiRT 4 patch includes a bunch of fixes, with some being only for Windows PC. The biggest change appears to be transitional ...

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Nintendo has just unveiled a new Ever Oasis trailer to coincide with the games launch. The trailer shows what to expect in terms of gameplay, as well as some of its story. If youre wondering why it ...

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Im a little embarrassed to admit that until my eyes-on preview with Skydances upcoming VR shooter, Archangel, Id had very little experience with VR. A friend of mine owns a headset attachment for h...

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