After a gruelling Mortal Kombat 11 bracket we have our top 3 here at CouchWarriorsQLD May RanBat!! 🥇castiel 🥈solidsnake 🥉sifo1 🦆🦆🦆

Photo - 2 days ago

Good job to the following machines who managed to come out on top! TEKKEN 7 here at the CouchWarriors QLD May Ranbat 🥇Colonov 🥈tkjabbu 🥉RavenboyRH

Photo - 2 days ago

Melee has all finished up here at CouchWarriors QLD May RanBat with 🥇Smopup 🥈Auro 🥉Syke

Photo - 2 days ago

Back at it again with SFV Top 3 at the Couchwarriors QLD May Ranbat!! 🥇DaleNeverFails 🥈Antaresxv 🥉Kewlkats12

Photo - 2 days ago

Congrats to our top 3 DBFZ competitors here at CouchWarriors QLD May RanBat! 🥇mustella 🥈hier_yo 🥉jbirds

Photo - 2 days ago

Congratulations to our winner of Dead or Alive 6 at the Couchwarriors QLD May Ranbat!! necromancyblack Well done!

Photo - 2 days ago

WIN! A Razer broadcaster pack! To celebrate #BAM11 with @TeamRazer we have this awesome giveaway: ⏯️Razer Ripsaw HD capture card w/ 4k 🎥Razer Kiyo webcam 🎙️Razer Seiren X for PS4 microphone 🎬ACTION! Enter here: [Click here] #RAZERANZ #THISISESPORTS

Photo - 3 days ago

Zip-up hoodie $24

You can support New Game Plus AND look good by wearing our awesome merchandise.

This black hoodie has a zip on the front and opens up. Our website address runs down one arm and the New Game Plus logo is on the back.



The full gallery of #BAM11 photos from our official photographers is up! Jump in and tag yourself and your friends.

Photo - 3 days ago

We've started a weekly gaming podcast, and it's available on all devices and a slew of platforms: Pocket Casts - [Click here] Apple Podcasts - [Click here] Overcast - [Click here] TuneIn - [Click here] Spotify - [Click here] Alternatively, copy our RSS feed into your favourite podcasting app! [Click here]

Photo - 3 days ago

Looking for something new to play? Here are the latest games coming to Xbox Game Pass between now and June 6, with Metal Gear Survive & The Banner Saga out now!

Photo - 3 days ago

The #BAM11 Tekken World Tour Master Event Top 3! #TWT 🏆FATE|Ulsan 🥈JDCR 🥉Rest TEKKEN BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

Photo - 4 days ago

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