And that’s it, that’s all for another PAX Australia! See you next year?

Photo - 2 days ago

Wanna close out PAX Australia in the funniest, chillest and most rewarding way possible? Check out the End of PAX trivia in the Diversity Lounge at 5pm with @alicedkc and @an_bear!

Photo - 2 days ago

Still broke shirt $15

You can support New Game Plus AND look good by wearing our awesome merchandise.

This black t-shirt says:

300 Rupee.
5,000 Gil.
7,000 Septum.
800 Bottlecaps.
10,000 Bison Dollar.

Still broke.



PAXAUS19 Day 3 Soul Calibur 6 Top 3 1st Zheash (center) 2nd Reformed (left) 3rd TRIxFLOOFY|Borgieman (right)

Photo - 2 days ago

PAX Australia bringing the very good boys.

Photo - 2 days ago

After winning at Fall Guys, Jason spoke to Mediatonic’s Joe Walsh about it! #paxaus

Photo - 2 days ago

It’s Day 3 of PAX Australia and Jason is the king of Fall Guys!

Photo - 2 days ago

PAXAUS19 Day 2 Tekken 7 Champion is... FunPolice!

Photo - 3 days ago

PAXAUS19 Day 2 Dragonball FighterZ Top 3. 1st Agent Numbers (Left) 2nd NathanJones (Right) 3rd John (Not Pictured)

Photo - 3 days ago

PAXAUS19 Day 2 Soul Calibur 6 Top 3 1st DerekThePineapple (Center) 2nd TRIxFLOOFY|Borgieman (Left) 3rd Reformed (Right)

Photo - 3 days ago

PAXAUS19 Day 2 Dead Or Alive 6 Top 3 1st TRI|Hiblivious (center) 2nd TRIxFLOOFY|Borgieman (left) 3rd Bundy (right)

Photo - 3 days ago

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