Matt runs you through ALL 20 locations to find Mr Charlie Dolls in the full version of Resident Evil 3 Remake! A special thanks to Peter Jonca for the Resident Evil 3 font used throughout the video and thumbnail! Check his work out here: http://snakeyboy.deviantart.com/

1: Redstone Street Station (1:04)
2: Moon's Donut Shop (1:46)
3: Downtown (2:14)
4: Subway Office (2:58)
5: Control Room (3:25)
6: Inside Toy Uncle (4:04)
7: Sewers Outside Lab (4:39)
8: Sewer Staircase (5:18)
9: Kendo Gun Shop: Side Alley (6:19)
10: RPD Courtyard (7:02)
11: RPD Safety Deposit Room (7:55)
12: Subway Tunnels (8:42)
13: Clock Tower Plaza (9:19)
14: Hospital: Hallway (10:13)
15: Hospital: Roof (10:49)
16: Hospital: Sickroom (11:17)
17: Hospital: Warehouse (11:56)
18: Underground Storage (12:29)
19: NEST 2: 2F Balcony (13:18)
20: NEST 2: Lab 1 (13:54)

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