The world of Gundam is ridiculously large. Besides the official series and high profile manga like Crossbone Gundam and The Origin, there are also the lesser known manga works like Double Fake and Moon Crisis. In what could be considered another tier under those are these short manga works. These are a little bit different from doujinshi, as they are not self published, but published under established companies like Kodansha and Ichijinsha.(formerly Studio DNA) Often the stories in these shorts are run as side content in magazines like Gundam Ace, or are collected as anthologies like the one pictured. Some of them are in fact doujinshis which have been redrawn or touched up by the artists,...

Photo - 22 days ago

Across the Gundam franchise, there are multiple scenes of characters dying mid sentence, having fans wondering what they were trying to say. Gundam SEED had one of these instances explained by director Fukuda in an interview. Right before Clotho Buer dies, he starts with 僕はね...(boku wa ne / You know what? I...) In the English dub, this is changed to "I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." There are a couple of things lost in translation. Firstly, Clotho's manner seems like he's trying to explain himself or start a conversation. Secondly, Clotho is a character who usually refers to himself as 俺(ore) which is a more rough form in Japanese. Only in this scene does he use 僕(boku) which is a more...

Photo - 2 months ago

Gyrozetter mecha

Mecha designs from Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter, a 2012 arcade game by Square Enix. A majority of designs in this series are based on real life Japanese car models.

Photo - 3 months ago

Why my family hates buying me presents. Merry Christmas!

Photo - 5 months ago

Oyoge! Tayaki-kun, by Shimon Masato This was the first ever number one song by an anime singer. The song first appeared accompanied by a short animation on a children's television programme, Hirake! Ponkikki, in 1975. As soon as it aired, it struck a chord with many adults, including disgruntled salarymen who sympathised with the character. Fuji Television started getting inundated with requests for a record release and spoke to the record company which owned the music rights for the show, Canyon Records(later Pony Canyon). The original singer, Ikuta Keitaro, had unfortunately signed a contract with a rival record company, and thus a new version of the song was recorded with Shimon Masato ...

Photo - 9 months ago


So, we now have the offical Gundam youtube channel. Separate from the existing Gundam.info channel, this channel will now be where they put up series episodes. Currently episode 1 and 2 from a whole bunch of series are up for free viewing, but for some reason the episodes have all been split into halves. [Click here]

Photo - 10 months ago

Japanese Gundam fans once again demonstrate questionable taste in waifus. Source: [Click here]

Photo - 10 months ago

Here's an old story about the ending theme to the first Gundam movie. Takajin Yashiki was a singer who had been in the music industry for 10 years. Unfortunately it looked like his career wasn't going anywhere, and his director reportedly went to the head of King Records, crying and on his knees, begging for Yashiki to be given another chance to release a record. King Records had one condition for him - that he sing the theme song for some upcoming cartoon movie. Back at the start of the 80's anime wasn't where it is today. Being told to sing the theme song to a cartoon was viewed as an embarressment in the music industry, and it wasn't until Mari Iijima's stellar performance in Macross th...

Photo - 10 months ago

Good choice. Edit: I keep forgetting to watermark stuff. Ah well.

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Photo - 11 months ago

What a wonderful term which has uses over a wide range of subjects.

Photo - 11 months ago

I swear, you let your guard down once...

Photo - 11 months ago

Moriguchi Hiroko will be releasing an album of Gundam song covers for the franchise's 40th anniversary. Besides new recordings of a couple of favourites Eternal Wind (F91), Mizu no Hoshi he Ai wo Komete (Zeta) the new tracks are Ai Senshi(0079) Meguriai (0079) Zeta Toki wo Koete (Z) Beyond the Time (CCA) Arashi no Naka de Kagayaite (08th MS Team) Just Communication (Wing) Freesia (IBO) Re: I am (UC ep 6) And the bonus track will be Sora no Kanata de (Origin) [Click here]

Photo - 12 months ago

Stop Bernie! It doesn't have to be like this!

Photo - 1 year ago

For those people who watched it, did the last episode take a while to sink in?

Photo - 1 year ago

Cycle of hope and disappointment.

Photo - 1 year ago

Still angry about Reconguista in G episode 6.

Photo - 1 year ago

Team combo attack!

Photo - 1 year ago

Narrowly avoided incest route.

Photo - 1 year ago

Well, that didn't work.

Photo - 1 year ago

This one is fairly old. Any fans?

Photo - 1 year ago

Worst fanart ever.

Photo - 1 year ago

Gundam can sometimes be so cheesey.

Photo - 1 year ago

Almost time for Super Robot Wars T.

Photo - 1 year ago

Japanese game companies 3rd quarter reporting season review

Trying our hand at gaming articles. Thought looking at video game companies from a different perspective might yield some new insights, so here's a look at some game company financial reports from the last month and a bit. [Click here]

1 year ago

Why you standing there of all places?

Photo - 1 year ago

New Game Plus

Oh yeah, we stream games sometimes.

Twitch - 1 year ago

What every Gundam series really needs? Better hangar security.

Photo - 1 year ago

It's an odd thing that once a genre is established, these mental barriers go up between different fandoms, somewhat akin to tribalism. As a more recent example, when we get something like Gridman that manages to reach beyond its core Tokusatsu audience, we get some really weird interactions between different groups of fans.

Photo - 1 year ago

A man can dream...

Photo - 1 year ago

So much ketchup on that burger...

Photo - 1 year ago

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