Getting hype for Melbourne Esports Open? We're giving away FIVE Double Passes for weekend entry! Check out #MEO2018 including our 5 Fighting game tournaments. Enter here: [Click here]

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CouchWarriors - Twitch

The stream is live at August RanBat! First up: Dragon Ball FighterZ! twitch.tv/couchwarriors

Twitch - 2 days ago

Today is the monthly FGC ranbat! Reminder that anybody can bring a console here to increase the playable setups at this event. We have every other gear here so you don't even need to bring the cables!

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Melbourne Esports Open

You can now pre-register your spot for all the Fighting Game tournaments we are hosting at Melbourne Esports Open! Make sure you also have a general ticket for entry and we'll see you there!

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Stay Smashed August Top 3: 1st) Jdizzle (Middle) 2nd) DefectiveDagger (Left) 3rd) Duon (Right, Charging Aura Sphere)

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Melbourne Esports Open

Come to MEO and you can play Soul Calibur VI early with us thanks to Bandai Namco Entertainment, and there will be an exhibition match on the big stage!

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Our CouchWarriors #RanBat Points have been updated! Check out who's leading our top 4 in each event and the results from all of our July brackets on our website now. [Click here]

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Smash 4 July #CWRanbat Top 3 🥇 DD (Middle) 🥈 Extra (Left) 🥉 Ignis (Right)

Photo - 22 days ago

Melee July #CWRanbat Top 3 🥇 Kanga | Dekar (Middle) 🥈 LGC | DonB (Left) 🥉 MGC | Sora (Right)

Photo - 23 days ago

Pokken Tournament DX July #CWRanbat Top 3 🥇 @AntwerpDX (Left) 🥈 @SachiCantTech (Absent) 🥉 Tomo (Right)

Photo - 23 days ago

Project M July #CWRanbat Top 3 🥇 @Macrosoft_J (Left) 🥈 Tyler (Absent) 🥉 Bubby (Right)

Photo - 23 days ago

Rivals of Aether July #CWRanbat Top 3 🥇 SNC (Middle) 🥈 Osu (Left) 🥉 Mast (Right)

Photo - 23 days ago

We're Live with the July #CWRanbat for smash, tune in to the streams and come hang! Melee 🎥 Twitch.tv/MelbourneMelee Smash 4🎥 Twitch.tv/CouchWarriorsSmash

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8 bit team shirt $21

You can support New Game Plus AND look good by wearing our awesome merchandise.

This purple t-shirt has 8-bit pics of the original crew:

Beard man. Boob man. News man. Bald man. Nihon man. Wow man. Rae man. Kart man.

As a bonus the crew will personally sign this shirt for you!


Everyone is here for the July #CWRanbat for all Smash games! Stream Links are below! Melee 🎥 Twitch.tv/MelbourneMelee Smash 4🎥 Twitch.tv/CouchWarriorsSmash

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Another set of #CWRanBat points for all you keeping track at home! Our #Tekken7 leaderboard has a pretty stable top 3, with Chand NY and Lee Min Ho tightly contesting our top 2 each month. With the event only growing in numbers, it's an exciting time to be a Tekken player!

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Melbourne Esports Open

Here come the game announcements! Melbourne Esports Open

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Time to highlight our #CWRanBat Street Fighter V leaderboard! With three 1st place finishes for the year, Somniacs is firmly leading with 38 points! The fight is on for other players, as we are now past the halfway point for the season! What are your predictions for our top 4 going forward?

Photo - 27 days ago

Our RanBat leaderboard has been updated with Saturday's FGC results. Check out who's leading for the year and the top 3 placing players for each game in July. [Click here]

Photo - 28 days ago

Injustice 2 July #CWRanbat Top 3 🥇Prettyboynick (Middle) 🥈Kdeee (Left) 🥉Hazzles (Right)

Photo - 29 days ago

Tekken 7 3v3 Teams Finalsts @ July #CWRanbat 🥇 Mishima Dojo (@AkenP2, Lee Min Ho, Jy) 🥈 The Body Squad (Bboy Pheonix, @DaBeast151, @ng_daniel)

Photo - 30 days ago

Street Fighter V July #CWRanbat Top 3 🥇Somniac (Middle) 🥈ZG (Right) 🥉Cadzow (Left)

Photo - 30 days ago

Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 July #CWRanbat Top 3 🥇Feri (Middle) 🥈Marco (Left) 🥉Ash (Right)

Photo - 30 days ago

Tekken 7 July #CWRanbat Top 3 🥇Aken (Middle) 🥈Lee Min Ho (Left) 🥉Mr. Best Body (Right)

Photo - 30 days ago

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle July #CWRanbat Top 3 🥇Javi (Middle) 🥈FLAB (Left) 🥉Xarv (Right)

Photo - 30 days ago

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] July #CWRanbat Top 3 🥇Haiku (Middle) 🥈Tomo009 (Right) 🥉Forte (Left)

Photo - 30 days ago

Dragon Ball FighterZ July #CWRanbat Top 3 🥇Phero (Middle) 🥈FknBun (Left) 🥉TANA93 (Right)

Photo - 30 days ago

Starting the day off with #UNIST and #DBFZ at the July #CWRanbat We've got DBFZ on stream first, come hang! 🎥: [Click here]

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#BAM10 was huge, so this infographic is VERY TALL Full of tasty stats. Thanks for helping make this the biggest open entry esports event in Australia!

Photo - 1 month ago

Daigo Umehara #BAM9 Greeting - SFV Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event May 12-14

World Champion Street Fighter player Daigo "The Beast" Umehara is coming to #BAM9! Here's his greeting to the players. Join the fight at #BAM9 - Australia's largest fighting game event has much more in store in 2017. REGISTER NOW: http://www.smash.gg/bam9 Date: May 12, 13 and 14, 2017. Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Hosted in two bays of Melbourne's famous convention centre, with more space than ever. A major gaming and esports festival for the Fighting Game Community. Follow Daigo: Twitter https://twitter.com/daigothebeast BAM9 Hosted By CouchWarriors http://www.couc... [More]
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