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BAM10 Battle Arena Melbourne 10 - by CouchWarriors May 18-20

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)

Fri May 18, 2018 4:00pm to Sun May 20, 2018 9:00pm

Battle Arena Melbourne 10 Afterparty

The General Assembly South Wharf

Sun May 20, 2018 7:00pm to 1:00am

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April 25, 2018

BAM10 Community Trailer

BAM10 Community Trailer. At the heart of this major event is the community, and the amazing experience of being part of it Event trailer [Click here] -- CouchWarriors presents: Battle Arena Melbourne 10 - #BAM10 Australia's largest fighting game major brings together players across the nation for fun and competition. It’s the marquee esports and gaming event in Victoria, Australia's largest open esports tournament and an international destination. TEKKEN WORLD TOUR: Master Event | CAPCOM PRO TOUR: Ranking Event REGISTRATION: [Click here] Celebrate at Melbourne Convention Centre for its 10th Anniversary! WHEN: May 18-20, 2018 WHERE: Melbourne Convention ...

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April 25, 2018

BAM10 Battle Arena Melbourne 10 Event Trailer 2018

CouchWarriors presents: Battle Arena Melbourne 10 - #BAM10 TEKKEN WORLD TOUR: Master Event CAPCOM PRO TOUR: Ranking Event REGISTRATION: [Click here] Australia's largest fighting game major brings together players across the nation for fun and competition. It’s the marquee esports and gaming event in Victoria, Australia's largest open esports tournament and an international destination. Celebrate at Melbourne Convention Centre for its 10th Anniversary! Community Trailer: [Click here] WHEN: May 18-20, 2018 WHERE: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006 Bays 1-2 (Opposite Crown Casino) More info http:/...

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Lest we forget. 🇦🇺🇳🇿

14 hours ago

April 24, 2018

As #BAM10 is a Tekken World Tour Master Event, look forward to seeing the world's greatest Tekken players! Here are some we know are coming so far! #TWT [Click here] Register www.smash.gg/bam10

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April 21, 2018

Congratulations to our top 3 for Streetfighter V for the April ranking battle 1st - MGC | ROF 2nd - Burnoutfighter (right) 3rd - Rupps (left) #cwranbat

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April 21, 2018

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Top 3 1 AlexMD 2 BerzerkDC (left) 3 Borgieman (right) A close finals with bracket reset! #cwranbat

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April 21, 2018

It's Tekken Time on the New Game Plus stream - twitch.tv/newgameplustv

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April 21, 2018

3D fighter action underway at #CWRanbat with Dead or Alive 5 and Tekken 7

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April 21, 2018

New Game Plus is LIVE at Ranbat, with some Dragon Ball FighterZ! twitch.tv/newgameplustv

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April 21, 2018

We’re underway with Dragon Ball FighterZ and Melee at April Ranbat! #DBFZ #SSBM #CWRanbat

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April 19, 2018

Current EVO World champions in three major titles will each be attending #BAM10! Join them and register now www.smash.gg/bam10 Tokido - Street Fighter V EVO 2017 World Champion JDCR - Tekken 7 EVO 2017 World Champion Armada - Super Smash Bros Melee EVO 2017 World Champion

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April 17, 2018

Melbourne Melee

Get your pre #BAM10 Melee and drinks on at GG EZ Bar!

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April 17, 2018

Street Fighter

Falke news #sfv

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April 16, 2018

#BAM10 REGO CUTOFF! DON'T MISS OUT www.smash.gg/bam10 Remember to Register early for BAM10! On May 13 Platinum level tournaments rego will cut off strictly! This includes SFV, Tekken, DBFZ and ALL Smash tournaments. This allows us to provide a better tournament experience, particularly as these games all start Saturday morning. Make sure you have your registration in and don't let your friends let it slide! Venue registration is still only $50 but goes up to $60 on May 6, and $70 on May 18 (day of BAM10). However, you will NOT be able to register for the above games. All other games (Gold and Silver) will allow registration up to an hour before. Full event info [Click here]

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April 13, 2018

The Chiefs Esports Club

Welcome to the #FGC Chiefs! Been a long time coming. We'll see you at #BAM10!

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April 10, 2018

CGPL Autumn 2018 - Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Coming up this weekend, good luck to #SFV competitors at Cybergamer's first foray into live FGC events. Two time BAM winner Somniac is a great poster boy! Looking forward to seeing who is in form leading up to #BAM10!

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April 7, 2018

Announcing the BAM10 CouchWarriors indiecade! Here is an opportunity for Indie game developers to showcase upcoming games to hundreds of #BAM10 attendees. #gamedev #indiedev Developers can apply for a table here: [Click here] More info on BAM10 www.couchwarriors.org/bam10

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April 7, 2018

Battle Arena Melbourne 10 Afterparty

CouchWarriors is excited to announce that the official BAM10 Afterparty will be held at the The General Assembly at South Wharf – a gorgeous and large bar/restaurant with outdoor and indoor spaces located right next to MCEC. Last year's afterparty was a blast, we're keen to see everyone there again! The afterparty will start on May 20 at 7PM so you can walk out of MCEC immediately after BAM10 finals day ends and straight into the afterparty venue! We will have drinks till late together with multiple setups there for your rivalry matches or team battles. Relax over dinner and discuss your BAM weekend, play ping pong, and enjoy good company and drinks by the Melbourne city skyline. Virtu...

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April 5, 2018

We are pleased to announce Battle Arena Melbourne 10’s official cosplay competition! Show your best fighting game cosplay for a #BAM10 trophy, $250 prize pool and passes to Madman Anime Festival! [Click here] Proudly supported by Madman Anime Festival and AnimeLab by Madman

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April 4, 2018

CouchWarriors are excited to announce that Australian Multi-Media Talent “TeePee Studios” will be coming to Battle Arena Melbourne 10! They will be showing off their latest game “Dimensions VS”, a free-to-play platform style fighting game akin to Smash Brothers with a diverse cast and familiar control scheme. Coming to Steam for PC Gamers soon!Check out the trailer here! [Click here] Leading up to the event, the team are also currently running an art competition with the major prize including two tickets to BAM10 itself as well as having your art featured in game! You can check out more about the competition and team over on their social media and we...

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April 2, 2018

BAM needs YOU! As BAM has grown, we need more people to help make everything run smoothly, helping the event and community while still having time to enjoy and have fun. If you'd like to become a Volunteer, which even comes with some perks, please fill out the form here: [Click here] More info: [Click here]

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March 31, 2018

Calling all artists! Battle Arena Melbourne 10 is not just a major esports tournament, but a gaming convention too. We are taking applications for artists who want to hold a table at the event, where you can display and sell your artwork. Apply here: [Click here] More #BAM10 info Facebook event: [Click here] Website: [Click here]

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March 30, 2018

Call for Commentators! Want to be a voice for great moments at the biggest FGC event of the year? Fill out the form here: [Click here] Register for #BAM10 here: www.smash.gg/bam10

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March 28, 2018

Kanga Esports

Some very exciting news for 2 of our ranbat veterans!

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March 25, 2018

The final events in the #BAM10 lineup - Friday Exhibition team tournaments! Register now www.smash.gg/bam10

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March 23, 2018

Silver BAM10 titles have been announced! These Medal awarded tournaments are DIY favourites. Register now at www.smash.gg/bam10 See the news item with full list at [Click here]

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March 21, 2018

Armada going to Battle Arena Melbourne 10 (May 18 - 20th)

One of the greatest Smash Melee players in the world, Armadassbm, will be at #BAM10! [Click here]

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March 19, 2018

CCH- March 24 Round 6

Hi guys, my name is Muttons and I help run CCH (Chris' Club House), a Melbourne institution since 2010. CCH is a community event run by the community for the community, it's a local meetup that happens on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month- where we gather with our sticks and setups and play casuals all day and hang out with each other. [Click here] Disclaimer: I am NOT Chris- that is the Founder who you can find out more about in the “history of CCH” below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEXT CCH: March 24th at 3PM at the Collingwood Library. Hi guys, CCH is back this Saturday - Melbourne FGC...

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March 18, 2018

CouchWarriors x NekoCards: Smash 4 + FGC Fortnightly

Couchwarriors is teaming up with the great people at Nekocards to present the FGC with an awesome night of fighting game goodness. Entry is buying a booster pack of any TCG stocked by Nekocards, which is from $4 (plus you get to keep the booster pack!) For Smash 4, there will be a tournament from starting at 5pm, with a 48 man cap. Guilty Gear + Dragonball + other anime fighters will have friendlies throughout the night.

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March 18, 2018

Top 3 for March 2018 Melee Singles. 1st: Dekar (David Moore) 2nd: Fess (Didier Vincent (right) 3rd: Prolific (Khairi Johari) (left)

Photo - 1 month ago

March 18, 2018

Top 3 placers for Tekken 7 at the March ranbat. 1st: GoBack | ChandNY 2nd: Cuteguy (right) 3rd: Aken (left)

Photo - 1 month ago

March 18, 2018

Top 3 for Injustice 2 1st: Razaprime (right) 2nd: Hazzles (left) 3rd: Ctay

Photo - 1 month ago

Daigo Umehara #BAM9 Greeting - SFV Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event May 12-14

World Champion Street Fighter player Daigo "The Beast" Umehara is coming to #BAM9! Here's his greeting to the players.

Join the fight at #BAM9 - Australia's largest fighting game event has much more in store in 2017.
REGISTER NOW: http://www.smash.gg/bam9
Date: May 12, 13 and 14, 2017.
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Hosted in two bays of Melbourne's famous convention centre, with more space than ever. A major gaming and esports festival for the Fighting Game Community.

Follow Daigo:
Twitter https://twitter.com/daigothebeast

BAM9 Hosted By CouchWarriors

Follow us:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CouchWarriors
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/CouchWarriors
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/CouchWarriors [More]

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