Revealing the #BAM11 official Tshirts! Grab these when you Register or at the event. www.smash.gg/bam11 This year we have two designs. First, a characterful XI symbol with art by JELArt! And for those HUNGRY for victory, the FGC BBQ! More info [Click here]

Photo - 5 days ago

MAJOR MORTAL KOMBAT #BAM11 ANNOUNCEMENT Mortal Kombat 11 joins Battle Arena Melbourne 11 as presenting partner. 🐉#MK11 $2,000 Prize pool bonus 🐉Dedicated Mortal Kombat zone on show floor 🐉Prizes & Merch! Read: [Click here] May 17-19. Rego: www.smash.gg/bam11 Warner Bros Games Australia

Photo - 7 days ago

WIN Monthly prizes just by Subscribing to support #BAMPathToEVO Twitch channels! Sub by this week and you can win bonus prizes! Info: [Click here] Sub to these channels: 📺[Click here] 📺[Click here] 📺[Click here] 📺[Click here] Thanks to AnimeLab & Savemi

Photo - 10 days ago

Check out tonight's Street Fighter Sunday stream with Itsbabyrider getting the meta analysis happening! Learn some new tricks in 1hr on [Click here] #SFV #BAMPathToEVO

Photo - 11 days ago

Want to commentate at BAM11? Fill in this handy form! Let's hear your golden voices calling the hype moments. [Click here]

Photo - 12 days ago

🥚How🥚do🥚you🥚like🥚your🥚eggs?🥚 Couchwarriors QLD is cooking up something big! Stay tuned 6pm Sunday... #CWQLD

Photo - 13 days ago

The cutoff for the artist alley, game developers indiecade and volunteers for Battle Arena Melbourne 11 is the 20th of April! You don't want to miss out on being Australia's biggest fighting game tournament! Apply before time runs out! ✒Artist Alley: [Click here] 🕹Indiecade: [Click here] ✋Volunteers: [Click here]

Photo - 16 days ago


We're thrilled to see the return of #OHN on the Aus FGC calendar See you in Sydney in September!

Photo - 18 days ago

#BAM11 Silver and Retro games have been announced! More glorious tournaments to join! You can read about them here: [Click here] Register for BAM11: www.smash.gg/bam11

Photo - 23 days ago

CouchWarriors - Twitch

‪Starting in 15 minutes!‬ ‪#SFV online tournament in #BAMPathToEVO ‬ ‪Watch live‬ ‪www.twitch.tv/CouchWarriors ‬

Twitch - 25 days ago

CouchWarriors - Twitch

Also RIGHT NOW, TEKKEN 7 starting again with our TOP 8 @ CW.QLD Ranbat! Streamed on twitch.tv/couchwarriors #CWQLD #CWRanbat #BAMPathToEvo

Twitch - 26 days ago

Tournameta - Twitch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Top 32 bracket has just started @ CW.QLD Ranbat! Streamed on twitch.tv/tournameta #CWQLD #CWRanbat #BAMPathToEvo

Twitch - 26 days ago

CouchWarriors - Twitch

Tekken 7 has just started @ CW.QLD Ranbat! twitch.tv/couchwarriors #CWQLD #CWRanbat #BAMPathToEvo

Twitch - 26 days ago

CouchWarriors SFV Online #01 - BAM Path to Evo

#SFV ONLINE TOURNAMENT! It's been a while coming but here they are! With a bonus prize value for the debut. Street Fighter Sunday March 31, 8pm Earn #BAMPathToEVO points 1st place WINS $100 @Mwave voucher! Sign up: smash.gg/CWOSFV1 Watch: twitch.tv/couchwarriors

Photo - 26 days ago

Cheers from the #CWQLD crew at today's #CWRanbat!

Photo - 26 days ago

Tournameta - Twitch

Smash Ultimate Pools starting in 5 minutes @ CW.QLD Ranbat! twitch.tv/tournameta #CWQLD #CWRanbat #BAMPathToEvo

Twitch - 26 days ago

CouchWarriors - Twitch

Street Fighter V starting in 15 minutes @ CW.QLD Ranbat! twitch.tv/couchwarriors #CWQLD #CWRanbat #BAMPathToEvo

Twitch - 26 days ago

CouchWarriors - Twitch

Dead or Alive 6 starting NOW @ QLD RanBat. twitch.tv/couchwarriors! #CWQLD #CWRanbat #BAMPathToEvo

Twitch - 26 days ago

‪Yesterday we supported Monash Arcade Expo with tournaments for #Tekken7 and #SmashBrosUltimate!‬ ‪Here’s a few scenes from the expo‬

Photo - 26 days ago

Chris "Mayo" Smith

Burger Battles montage! For those that were there, here's a reminder of the tasty burgers and Tekken action. For those that missed it, stay tuned! #burgerlove

Photo - 30 days ago

‪Burger Battles #Tekken7 Top 4!‬ ‪L to R sharing in $250‬ ‪🥇MrKojeski‬ ‪🥈AkenP2 ‬ ‪🥉SickManOfChina‬ ‪🏅ng_daniel ‬ ‪Thanks to Burgerlove supporting the event!‬ ‪#burgerlove #FGC ‬

Photo - 1 month ago

CouchWarriors - Twitch

‪The Burger Battle #Tekken7 grand finals are on now!‬ ‪AkenP2 vs MrKojeski!‬ ‪Watch: www.twitch.tv/CouchWarriors‬

Twitch - 1 month ago

‪We told you #Tekken7 players were hungry! Did BBoyPhoenix, Winner of the Burgerlove Tower or Power, bite more than he could chew?‬ ‪#burgerlove #burgerbattle ‬

Photo - 1 month ago

‪Winners semi finals for #Tekken7 at Burger Battles! Burgerlove ‪Watch: www.twitch.tv/CouchWarriors ‬

Photo - 1 month ago

‪We’re going live at Burgerlove with #Tekken7 Burger Battles in 10min!‬ ‪www.twitch.tv/CouchWarriors ‬

Photo - 1 month ago

#CWRanbat March 2019 Smash Ultimate Top 3 🥇 Kanga | Ghost (Middle) 🥈 Tomie (Left) 🥉 Kanga | Jdizzle (Right)

Photo - 1 month ago

BURGER BATTLES is Tomorrow!! The last special deal reveal: Loaded Fries $7! #Burgerlove #FGC Join us at Burgerlove Sth Melbourne. #Tekken7 Competitors looking for a stake in the $250 cash prize pool make sure you pre register (FREE) here: [Click here]

Photo - 1 month ago

BURGER BATTLES is this Sunday! Today's special deal reveal: C.C.S Burger $7! #Burgerlove #FGC Join us at Burgerlove Sth Melbourne. #Tekken7 Competitors looking for a stake in the $250 cash prize pool make sure you pre register (FREE) here: [Click here]

Photo - 1 month ago

Daigo Umehara #BAM9 Greeting - SFV Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event May 12-14

World Champion Street Fighter player Daigo "The Beast" Umehara is coming to #BAM9! Here's his greeting to the players. Join the fight at #BAM9 - Australia's largest fighting game event has much more in store in 2017. REGISTER NOW: http://www.smash.gg/bam9 Date: May 12, 13 and 14, 2017. Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Hosted in two bays of Melbourne's famous convention centre, with more space than ever. A major gaming and esports festival for the Fighting Game Community. Follow Daigo: Twitter https://twitter.com/daigothebeast BAM9 Hosted By CouchWarriors http://www.couc... [More]
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