News Game Plus Podcast #29

This week's gaming news podcast is here - Half Life Alyx VR sadly does not have a 3 in the title, the best Halo game is coming to Masterchief Collection, the Dorito Pope Game Awards nominees, Yu Suzuki may the best game developer many people don't know about, and lots more. [Click here]

1 day ago

Today marks 20 years since the release of Pokémon Gold & Silver! The second generation of Pokémon games introduced 99 new Pokémon, two new types, a day/time system with an internal clock and reintroduced the Kanto region! Have you played Pokémon Gold & Silver?

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Video Game Preservation | On The Level: NG+ Gaming News

Donald looks at the efforts being made by organisations to preserve our gaming history, and the stories where publishers have let it slip through their fingers.

2 days ago

New Game Plus

Live now! twitch.tv/newgameplustv

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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: One Month In... – NEW GAME PLUS TV REVIEWS

Destiny 2's undertaken a massive shift with its Shadowkeep expansion, is it worth your time?

2 days ago

A Celebration of The Future - NEW GAME PLUS TV EPISODE 300

Our 300th Episode aired on Monday, and if you haven't caught up with it, it's available for your viewing pleasure!

3 days ago

Tonight, we let the Monster Hunter infection take hold once again as we cover the Iceborne x Resident Evil collab quests live! From 7PM AEDT on twitch.tv/newgameplustv!

Photo - 3 days ago


The Outer Worlds sees Obsidian Entertainment return to what you know them best for, and it works out really well!

3 days ago

A new Half-Life game in 2019? It’s more likely than you think! Valve has announced Half-Life: Alyx, a flagship VR title. Further details will be revealed Friday morning (Australian East coast time). What would you want to see in a modern Half-Life game?

Photo - 3 days ago

After many years, Shenmue III is finally a real video game that you can play from today! Are you grabbing it?

Photo - 4 days ago

GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Trailer#1 - ARCREVO America 2019

The smell of the game continues as Guilty Gear 2020 has a name -- Guilty Gear Strive!

Youtube - 4 days ago

The Mansion of Preserved Basketball - NEW GAME PLUS EPISODE 299

Haven't caught up with our latest episode yet? Do so! We're airing a new one tonight.

5 days ago

News Game Plus Podcast #28

This weekend ignore the family and catch up on our podcasts instead: [Click here] Also on: Pocket Casts - [Click here] Apple Podcasts - [Click here] Overcast - [Click here] TuneIn - [Click here] Spotify - [Click here] RSS - [Click here]

7 days ago

Star Wars hype is in the air, so why not celebrate with a look at the latest in force powered gaming? Join us from 7:30PM AEDT TONIGHT as we dive into Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on twitch.tv/newgameplustv

Photo - 7 days ago

There are two brand new Pokémon games out in the world, and we'd love to know one thing: Sword or Shield?

Photo - 7 days ago

Halo: Reach Drops on December 3, 2019

The best Halo game is finally coming in high res, and it will be added to Masterchief Collection. [Click here]

Youtube - 7 days ago

The Mansion of Preserved Basketball - NEW GAME PLUS EPISODE 299

Adelaide! It's show night! Join us from 10:30pm ACDT on Channel 44 as we discuss Luigi's Mansion 3, NBA 2K20 and game preservation! If you can't wait, the episode is live right now on our website!

7 days ago

The Joy of Fighting EP22: GOOD TECH

Jad and Billygoat are BACK! Find out how the boys have levelled up their Mortal Kombat tech in the latest episode of The Joy of Fighting!

Youtube - 8 days ago


PAX Australia seems so long ago, let's revisit it in one of our recent episodes!

8 days ago

PS4専用ソフト『龍が如く7 光と闇の行方』最新ストーリートレイラー

Yakuza: Like A Dragon continues to look fantastic as the game nears its Japanese release. Enjoy 10 new and wild minutes!

Youtube - 9 days ago

News Game Plus Podcast #28

Our latest gaming news podcast is now ready - New Sonic, Death Stranding, Minecraft Earth, Naughty Dog and heaps more. [Click here]

9 days ago

Its time for some late night streaming! Ryu Ga Gotoku 7/Yakuza 7 demo has just dropped, let's get stuck into it LIVE on twitch.tv/newgameplustv!

Photo - 9 days ago

Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Sonic has been completely redesigned in the new Sonic Movie trailer. Check it out. Could we be about to get another decent videogame themed movie? [Click here]

Youtube - 10 days ago


Microsoft are holding X019 this week in London, and are making the usual promises about it being a really big show. What do you want to see out of it?

Youtube - 10 days ago

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - NEW GAME PLUS TV REVIEWS

There's been some big changes in the world of Destiny 2, but are they good ones? Find out in our review of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep!

10 days ago

The Mansion of Preserved Basketball - NEW GAME PLUS EPISODE 299

Our latest episode is live! Find out what we think of NBA 2K20, Luigi's Mansion 3 and the importance of game preservation!

11 days ago


Death Stranding isn't the only game about deliveries you can play right now. American Truck Simulator has been letting players live out their dreams of being a delivery person for years, and just received a new DLC pack! Find out what makes this game special in The Recommended.

11 days ago

News Game Plus Podcast #27

Catch up on last week's gaming news podcast - Sonic the Hedgehog redesign, Call of Duty Russians, Fallout 1st servers, Outer Worlds, NBA2K20 unskippable ads, Star Citizen and more. [Click here]

11 days ago

On tonight's brand new episode, we clean up some spooky mess in Luigi's Mansion 3, shoot hoops in NBA 2K20 and discuss game preservation and why it's important. Check it out from 10:30pm AEDT TONIGHT on C31 Melbourne and Geelong

Photo - 11 days ago

A Celebration of The Future - NEW GAME PLUS TV EPISODE 300

It's our 300th episode, and we're celebrating by looking at the past, the present and the future! We discuss why space is the place with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and The Outer Worlds, plus a look at some of the trends that have popped up since we started in 2012! [More]
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