AI: The Somnium Files - GDC 2019 Trailer | PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam (PC)

AI: The Somnium FIles is the next game by Kotaro Uchikoshi of Zero Escape fame, and it's releasing worldwide in July 2019!

Youtube - 4 hours ago

Gaming Disorder | On The Level: NG+ Gaming News

The 2019 Samsung IT Journalism Awards are tonight, and our very own Donald is nominated as one of Australia's best gaming journalists. Here's one of his finest pieces to date!

7 hours ago

It's been a while, but Trey is checking in with the latest in the Fate franchise in Fate/Extella Link. Join him from 8PM AEDT TONIGHT on twitch.tv/newgameplustv

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Cadence of Hyrule - Crypt of the Necrodancer ft. The Legend of Zelda - Nintendo Switch

Crypt of the Necrodancer x The Legend of Zelda? That's what we're getting with Cadence of Hyrule, hitting the Nintendo Switch later this year. What other crossovers with Necrodancer would you like to see?

Youtube - 1 day ago

Overnight, Google announced Stadia, a dedicated cloud-based gaming platform which will stream games to TVs, phones, web browsers and computers. There won't be a dedicated box for Stadia, but Google is making a Wi-Fi enabled controller to sync up with Stadia games, featuring capture and Google Assistant functionality. Stadia is set to launch sometime in 2019, with no confirmation of an Australian launch date as of yet. Do you think the future of gaming is streaming, or would you want a dedicated gaming box?

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Mog's heading back into the superbloom with Far Cry New Dawn, 7PM AEDT TONIGHT on twitch.tv/newgameplustv

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8 bit team shirt $21

You can support New Game Plus AND look good by wearing our awesome merchandise.

This purple t-shirt has 8-bit pics of the original crew:

Beard man. Boob man. News man. Bald man. Nihon man. Wow man. Rae man. Kart man.

As a bonus the crew will personally sign this shirt for you!


Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid - Official Gameplay Trailer

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is an upcoming fighting game based on the venerable franchise, and looks like it could be something interesting.

Youtube - 9 days ago

And now for something completely different. We explore the quirky and eery cream of the RPG Maker crop with OFF. Tonight @ 7PM AEDT on twitch.tv/newgameplustv!

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Black Cap $12

You can support New Game Plus AND look good by wearing our awesome merchandise.

Protect your delicate head from the sun's damaging rays while showing the world you have excellent taste in videogame TV shows.


The Australian Classification Board website has revealed that an unannounced Castlevania compilation, known as Castlevania Anniversary Collection, has been given a rating. While news should be coming soon, what games would you like to see in a hypothetical Castlevania compilation?

Photo - 9 days ago

Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Announcement

After years of speculation, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to the PC on both Steam & Windows Store!

Youtube - 9 days ago

Trey and his posse of Devil Hunters are readying up to kick ass as they stream Devil May Cry 5 from 8PM AEDT TONIGHT on twitch.tv/newgameplustv

Photo - 10 days ago

This week marks the 15th Anniversary of the Monster Hunter franchise, with the first game in the series releasing on Japanese Playstation2's releasing 15 years ago this week! While the game was serviceable enough on its own, it wasn't until it got ported to the PSP as Monster Hunter Freedom that the series began to really take off as a co-operative experience in its native Japan, with pockets of love outside of it. Nowadays, Monster Hunter finally has a place outside of Japan thanks to 2018's Monster Hunter World. Do you have any favourite memories of the franchise?

Photo - 10 days ago

Mog is planning another trip into the superbloom, and she wants you to join her! Far Cry New Dawn continues from 7PM AEDT tonight on twitch.tv/newgameplustv

Photo - 11 days ago

PAX Australia 2019 has a date! The biggest gaming convention in the country is taking place from October 11th - 13th 2019. Will you be there?

Photo - 11 days ago

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - NEW GAME PLUS REVIEWS

While the release of Call of Duty may be inevitable, Black Ops 4 changes the franchise in some pretty dramatic ways! [More]
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Ubisoft is one of the few gaming monoliths that can still surprise us. Who would’ve thought that Assassin’s Creed: Origins would mark the franchise’s return to form? Who could’ve predicted  t...

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Bethesda had an interesting 2017. Despite a lacklustre trip to Bethesdaland and reports that several of its games didn’t meet sales targets, the company was still the number one publisher on Metacri...

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