With Mass Effect: Legendary Edition coming out this week, a question to those picking this up: will this be your first time playing through the series?

Photo - 11 hours ago

Looking to check out a pair of obscure Lucasarts classics? Zombies Ate My Neighbours & Ghoul Patrol are coming to all platforms later this year!

Youtube - 1 day ago

This week marks six months since the releases of both the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. We're curious: how are you finding them so far, if you have one? Are you still waiting for more things to play on them?

Photo - 2 days ago

Having trouble finding those damned Goats of Warding in Resident Evil Village? We've got a handy video guide highlighting where those pesky goats are. Heads up: this video does contain some location and story spoilers, so we recommend watching after you've completed the game!

Youtube - 3 days ago

There's a new Resident Evil game out there, and if you're still on the fence as to whether or not to grab it, let Matt convince you!

Youtube - 3 days ago

ICYMI, Sega not only announced a sequel to Judgment called Lost Judgment, but that it'll also be releasing later this year globally!

Youtube - 3 days ago

Lost Judgment is the next game from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and releasing worldwide on Playstation & Xbox consoles on September 24. Get ready to solve crimes in Yokohama and...go dancing?

Youtube - 5 days ago

Resident Evil Village is out TODAY. If you're not sure if you should grab it, check out our review!

Youtube - 6 days ago

Game Builder Garage is the next Nintendo toy to teach you the art of game design and programming, and it's coming next month!

Youtube - 6 days ago

Ahead of its release, EA have put out a very flexible cover creator for Mass Effect Legendary Edition which lets you choose your party.

Photo - 7 days ago

Looking for some positive news to come from the Australian Government? They've just announced a refundable tax rebate for local game development, something that has been sorely needed for years now.

Photo - 7 days ago

Matt took a trip to Eastern Europe and has quite a few things to say about Resident Evil Village!

Youtube - 7 days ago

If you thought getting a PS5 was hard, that'll be nothing compared to the Nike PG5 PlayStation 5 Colorway Shoes.

Youtube - 8 days ago

Baseball is back and available for more people as we look at MLB The Show 21!

Photo - 8 days ago

Playstation is partnering with Discord to integrate better within the existing Playstation ecosystem, with the goal to get something out there early next year!

Photo - 9 days ago

Today's May 4th, and with it, a great day to celebrate all things Star Wars. The series has a rich lineage in gaming - with some truly fantastic games out there. What are your fave Star Wars games?

Photo - 9 days ago

Here's a quick look at some titles coming to Gamepass Subscribers this month. Anything you're keen to play?

Photo - 9 days ago

ICYMI, Sony hosted a State of Play with a heap of new Ratchet footage.

Youtube - 10 days ago

Konami the latest big name to pull out of E3, Halo Infinite news, Castlevania Collection news that Oz will love, Sony sales figures (they're good), a Chinese man tries to murder a game dev (!), and heaps of Fortnite-related stuff from the Epic court case.

Photo - 11 days ago

The weekend's here! What are you planning to play?

Photo - 13 days ago

We've been playing a bunch of Magic: The Gathering's latest set, Strixhaven, and really digging it. How about you? How have you been finding the set?

Photo - 13 days ago

In today's unexpected collabo news, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is collaborating with Stranger Things as part of a new event. We couldn't make this up, even if we tried.

Photo - 14 days ago

The biggest stage for fighting games in Australia is back for 2021!

Photo - 14 days ago

Monster Hunter Rise has a big new update out, with more monsters, layered armour, event quests and more!

Youtube - 15 days ago

If you've ever wanted to know what all the fuss was about Nier, we recommend its newly released remake!

Youtube - 15 days ago

If you've been trying to play the Resident Evil Village demo but the timeframes have been too much to deal with, the last demo (comprising of the Village & Castle demos) will now run from 10AM AEDT on May 2 to 10am on May 10.

Photo - 16 days ago

There's a new State of Play happening this Friday at 7AM AEST, featuring some Ratchet & Clank footage! Until then, here's a brief tease as to what's to come.

Photo - 16 days ago

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Blog - 17 days ago

NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139… | NEW GAME PLUS TV REVIEW

ICYMI, our Nier Replicant review is LIVE, and it's a game you should play!

Youtube - 17 days ago

NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139… | NEW GAME PLUS TV REVIEW

Nier Replicant marks a return to one of 2010's most underappreciated games, and by far the best way to play it today.

Youtube - 20 days ago


Looking for that one elusive collectable you can't quite get your head around? Allow Matt to guide you through collecting all 20 Goats in Resident Evil Village! Beware! The following video and description contains location and story spoilers. Proceed only if you've completed a full playthrough of Resident Evil Village! LOCATION TIMESTAMP: 1. Village Graveyard - 1:24 2. Village Church - 1:44 3. Village Fallow Plot - 2:04 4. Vineyard Castle Dimitrescu - 2:27 5. B1 Distillery Castle Dimitrescu - 2:48 6. RF Attic Castle Dimitrescu - 3:24 7. Village Lone Road - 4:06 8. Village Mausoleum - 4:30 9.... [More]
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