Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin - Trailer 2

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Monster Hunter Stories 2, but overnight there have been two big updates! First, the game will be released on July 9, and it'll be coming to PC!

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OBS Basics - Stream Overlay Breakdown

OBS can be a powerful, but challenging program to use. If you're wanting to master it, our editor Prospect has a handy guide for you!

22 hours ago

OBS Basics - Stream Overlay Breakdown

Are you looking to start streaming, but OBS is a tad daunting for you? Our editor Prospect has a handy guide letting you know how to tame it and make it your own.

4 days ago

New Game Plus x New Game Plus Expo is happening again! Join us from midnight AEDT TONIGHT on twitch.tv/newgameplustv as we not only look at some upcoming weeb wares, but also a legendary train game in portable form!

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Arc System Works Universe

A quick PSA to anyone looking forward to Guilty Gear Strive next month. The game has been delayed, and will now release on June 11, 2021.

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Yakuza Like a Dragon is finally out on Playstation 5! If you've been waiting to play it or if you're wondering if it's worth getting into, let our review help convince you!

5 days ago

Forget the Mandalorian, Kratos, Master Chief or Ripley, playing as a tradie is the true fantasy only Fortnite can deliver! This comes as Aussie influencer Lazarbeam joins the Fortnite Icon Series!

Photo - 6 days ago

OBS Basics - Stream Overlay Breakdown

OBS Studio can be an incredibly daunting program for beginners, but our producer Prospect has put together a detailed guide to get you started in mastering what it can do.

6 days ago

Ratchet & Clank™

As part of the Play At Home campaign, Ratchet & Clank is now free on PS4! You won't need a Playstation Plus sub to grab it either.

Photo - 6 days ago

Shovel Knight x Arby's Announcement Trailer

The Shovel Knight Anywhere system continues to flex its power with a collaboration with US-food chain Arby's where you can get DLC codes by purchasing kids meals. We couldn't make this up, even if we tried.

Youtube - 7 days ago

How Nacon Cracked and Pirated The Sinking City - Frogwares

The latest chapter in the ongoing legal dispute regarding The Sinking City has taken a much darker turn thanks to some new allegations.

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If you're looking for something new to play, we recommend checking out Persona 5 Strikers!

8 days ago

Black hoodie $24

You can support New Game Plus AND look good by wearing our awesome merchandise.

This is a black hoodie with no zip or opening on the front. Our web address runs down one arm and the New Game Plus logo is on the back.


Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

Nintendo have announced a return to Pokemon's Sinnoh region in a big way. Not only is a Gen 4 remake happening later this year, but a pre-make happening in 2022!

Youtube - 10 days ago

Anthem Update

Bioware has announced that development on Anthem Next has been ended, with all work on Anthem to be ceased. The game will still be live for the forseeable future.

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NGP Streaming Guide - The Basics

Are you looking to get started in the world of streaming? Our editor/producer Prospect has put together a guide showing you what you'll need to break into streaming!

Youtube - 13 days ago

It's been a while since we've heard anything out of Sony, so this upcoming State of Play should (hopefully) have some cool announcements and updates. It's happening on Friday (Feb 26) at 9AM AEDT for us. What are you wanting to hear more about?

Photo - 13 days ago

NGP Streaming Guide - The Basics

If you're looking to get into streaming and don't know where to begin, our producer Prospect has put together a handy guide to get you started! Thanks to Elgato for providing gear for this video!

15 days ago

Here are just some of the big announcements from Thursday’s Nintendo Direct: - Splatoon 3 (coming 2022) - Mario Golf: Super Rush (June 25), - Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate (March) - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD (16 July) What are you most looking forward to playing?

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It's been a long time coming, but we're getting an honest to goodness Nintendo Direct! Kicks off from 9AM AEDT tomorrow (Feb 17), and going just under an hour. You may begin your wild speculation now.

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Still broke shirt $15

You can support New Game Plus AND look good by wearing our awesome merchandise.

This black t-shirt says:

300 Rupee.
5,000 Gil.
7,000 Septum.
800 Bottlecaps.
10,000 Bison Dollar.

Still broke.



The Guilty Gear Strive beta kicks off this week, ahead of the April 9 release date. Are you planning to get some rounds in?

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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is the latest Wii U exclusive to be released on the Switch, and we're curious - are there still any Wii U exclusives you're still hoping get a Switch release?

Photo - 21 days ago

Last year saw the first Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable, which gave out some insights as to how fighting games are made, and a few announcements. The second is happening this Sunday (21/2) from 4PM AEDT, and is sure to bring even more insights. What fighting game announcements are you hoping for?

Photo - 22 days ago

The Kingdom Hearts series will finally make its PC debut next month! And in keeping with the series tradition of being convoluted and slightly confusing, it'll be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Photo - 25 days ago


Fuuraiki 4 is a visual novel where you ride around rurual Japan on a motorcycle and occasionally take photos. It looks right up our alley.

Youtube - 25 days ago

OBS Basics - Stream Overlay Breakdown

Open Broadcast System is one of the most useful, if not complex, tools you can use to stream. Prospect goes over the basics of setting up a stream in OBS by breaking down and rebuilding the New Game Plus stream overlays. Video Navigation as follows: 0:00 Intro 00:20 Overview 01:16 In the Beginning... 03:07 Game Capture 04:24 Overlays 06:16 Custom Text 08:58 Webcam 12:33 Housekeeping 13:15 Headset Audio 14:20 'Be Right Back' & WebM 18:01 Holding Screen 21:29 Social Media Slideshow 22:50 Custom Transitions 25:06 Wrapup OBS can be found at https://obsproject.com/download [More]
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