BAM Path to EVO Roundup – October 2019

November 2, 2019

Written by Tom Anderson

Another month of fiercely contested events have accelerated the BAM Path to EVO points race. With a trip to EVO 2020 on the line in each of Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7 and Smash Ultimate, every ranbat and online event is a high-stakes showdown! Who will have the skill and consistency to be crowned the season champion for their game across Australia & NZ?

Here’s your monthly breakdown of all the BPTE results and rankings for October. For more information about upcoming BPTE events, current standings and the points system itself,  check out the Path to EVO website.

CouchWarriors QLD October Ranbat

Table of results for QLD October Ranbat

Full coverage of results:


Southern Cross Up 2019

Results table for Southern Cross Up 2019

The premiere event on the NZ FGC calendar, Southern Cross Up featured beloved legacy games alongside the Path to EVO ranking tournaments. These contests really mattered as Southern Cross Up’s regional major status meant they were worth double points.

Highlights included a new chapter in the Battle of the Dans (Daniel “Kanga|Wowzer” Cossington and Dan “BSE|DanBanter” Saeidian) and the continued dominance of Reagan “SHADOWNET|GhostChips” Kelly. Respect to Jamie “Zarzob” Joe, Sebastien “R!OT|Reno” Musumeci and Adam “JHN|CubT” T. for making Top 8 in multiple games at a stacked major.

CouchWarriors VIC October FGC Ranbat

Full coverage of results:


CouchWarriors VIC October Smash Ranbat

Results table for VIC Smash ranbat Oct 19

Full coverage of results:


York Street Battles #72

Results table for YSB#72

YSB is the Sydney FGC’s primary ranbat series. For more information on this event, visit OzHadou.


Overall Standings for October

October BPTE Standings

Here are the top ranked players for each BAM Path to EVO game as they stand heading into November. The complete points standings for each game and region are available on the Path to EVO website.

Good luck to all our leaderboard hopefuls chasing the EVO dream this month! See you at the end of November.

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