BAM13 Signups Open for MORE Games… plus Artists, TOs & Volunteers

April 18, 2023

Written by Tom Anderson

More crowd-pleasing announcements were deployed last week to keep the #BAM13 hype train cruising smoothly towards June 9th. For starters, here’s a swag of newly-confirmed games which will receive tournament support at Australia’s biggest FGC event:

… and now, here’s even more!

But BAM wouldn’t be the same event if we were only focused on the games themselves. It’s our skilled and hardworking community who sign up to put their own stamp on proceedings each year who have built up its reputation among the community.

Want to be a part of that community? Well, check out these sign-up links for community tournament organisers, Artist’s Alley or IndieCade applicants, and our “Warriors” volunteer team all open for business?

Each form has a different closing date and requirements (where applicable) so don’t just wait around and forget about sign-up until it’s too late! Put your registration in now and be a part of #BAM13. We’re excited to work with you and make this the best Battle Arena Melbourne to date.

Guest artist Plutonian's display at the BAM12 Artist's Alley

BAM’s Artist Alley has grown steadily over the last few years, showcasing both FGC-related and more general creations.

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