Cospendium League Results – June

July 3, 2020

Written by Tom Anderson

June 21st brought Smash Ultimate fans the second event of the new online league created by Cospendium and Kanga Esports.

With the first event attracting over 350 smashers there was clearly going to be a lot of competition over the rest of the year leading up to the finals at Cospendium in January. Sure enough, this tournament featured a smaller field but no less elite field, with several players who stumbled in the previous online bracket sharpening up to make top 8 this time around.

One notable feature of last month’s event was a group of players who mostly or exclusively play online making their strength known with deep runs and big upsets. This month the pattern continued with QLD Cloud FabulousDork clapping Nick “DS|Extra” McKenzie out of the tournament and Perth’s KaitoRoy accounting for Kanga representative Joshua “Ghost” Francis. Notorious netplay warrior Saggz also made it into top 8 over the bodies of several CWL players. The self-proclaimed “2nd best online Zelda in AUS” wasn’t shy in celebrating his big day out.

But on the winners side of top 8 it was the established names from outside CouchWarriors ranbat regions who were poised to do major damage. Trans-tasman Mario phenomenon Liam “M|Aluf” Aluf and top ACT player Kinaji both looked a cut above all day, punishing even the slightest mistake with clean and creative offence.

Neither of them could make Winners Finals however, as Joseph “Doctor A Ness” Cresnik and Sebastian “GZ|SebPro101” Poli-Tabone instead moved past them to set up another chapter in a lopsided rivalry. Doctor A Ness has only beaten SebPro once in tournament matches, and despite best efforts this was not his day to change that. A 3-1 win by Seb sent the DK main tumbling into Losers Finals, where he just narrowly outlasted Kinaji’s Snake 3-2.

But the monkey-robot runback in Grand Finals went just the same as before, with SebPro taking out top points to make up for his absence in the original Cospendium tournament. He and Connor “AMG|Pillowtalk” Fitzpatrick are now the threats chasing Doc’s lead in the overall standings, but there’s plenty of events still to go.


Congratulations to this month’s Cospendium League winners! Each monthly Smash Ultimate tournament will offer a cash prize as well as sponsor gear and weekend passes to Cospendium 2021. The final tournament at Cospendium has been announced to have a $4000 prize pool. Smashers looking to join this tournament series can join the league discord for more information, and sign up to future events on .

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