CWL Results & Roundup for August

August 31, 2022

Written by Tom Anderson

Traditionally a time of renewed energy in the season as players return from post-BAM hiatus, August’s CouchWarriors League events did not disappoint.

Exciting fresh names were spotted across the various Top 8’s, while the best of the best got a leg up on their rivals by scoring points both online and offline. Three of four leaderboard races were close enough to be swayed by a single big result, leading to a high-stakes month of competition…

Tekken 7


Smash Bros. Ultimate

August's CWL results for Smash Ultimate


Guilty Gear: Strive

August CWL Results for Guilty Gear Strive


Street Fighter V

August CWL Results for Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition

Overall Season Leaders

So, with about half of our “Winter Season” gone for CouchWarriors League 2022, let’s see whether the field has been able to reel in our BAM champions:

CWL Season Rankings as of August 31st

It’s definitely gonna be a close race down the stretch as we look to decide the season in October! Make sure you keep an eye on the CouchWarriors website and twitter to sign up for each month’s events as the links are posted! And in the meantime, you can always check the leaderboards, event results and your own points total at the CWL website.


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