Event Gallery: Crunchyroll Expo

September 19, 2022

Written by Tom Anderson

After a massive month of competition at the highest level Australia has to offer, CouchWarriors capped our September calendar with an appearance at Crunchyroll Expo Aus 2022!

There were no CWL ranking points to claim this time, as we opened up the Super Arcade for some old-fashioned walk-up challenges. But there were still plenty of prizes for those in attendance – and best of all, the first chance to play sets of Street Fighter 6 on Australian shores!


In keeping with the anime theme of the event, our prizes included anime merch and statuettes provided by CRX’s partners.

These were claimed by the most successful players who ran the setups on each day of the convention – and there was plenty of glory to go around! Numbers were strong as attendees were drawn to the buzz around the SF6 demo and the chance to do battle with their friends.

Of course, we couldn’t miss the chance to crown our first ever SF6 tournament champion! It may be a new game, but it was the veterans sweeping the field – with current CWL points leader ROF taking the honours!

ROF gets his hands on Street Fighter 6 - and his opponent.
ROF’s win was the perfect footnote to a hectic weekend of grassroots fighting game action. That first taste of Street Fighter 6 definitely left everybody wanting more – lucky there’s going to be another early build available at PAX Aus!

See you in October, world warriors.

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