Events Calendar: April 2023

April 7, 2023

Written by Tom Anderson

Things are moving fast in the FGC this month, with the big announcements for #BAM13 starting to land and DreamHack Melbourne coming up just a few weeks away. We’re also well into the swing of weekly and monthly #CWLeague events, meaning there’s a ton of leaderboard points up for grabs across April and beyond…

Here are the dates and sign-up links for all our regular April CouchWarriors League events – both online and offline.

We’re still working on the best way to share information on our partnered weeklies at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled for more schedule posts if you’re curious about more regular competition. And remember, event┬ádates are also available from the front page in our sidebar event tracker! We want to make sure you’re always ready for the next battle.


CouchWarriors League event calendar for April 2023



Friday 28th – Sunday 30th, Melbourne: DreamHack Melbourne

$5000 plus to be won on the DreamHack Fighters stage – plus CWL ranking points.



Saturday 1st, Melbourne: VIC Smash Ranbat

Saturday 15th, Melbourne: VIC FGC Ranbat

Saturday 15th, Adelaide: Cheese League – Smash Ultimate

Sunday 16th, Adelaide: Cheese League – Smash Melee & FGC



This month’s grand prize comes courtesy of Astro Gaming, who are equipping the winner with their slick-looking A30 headset. Meanwhile Mwave have our other podium-placers covered with some AWESOME gift cards to use in their store!
1st = Astro A30, 2nd = $100 gift card, 3rd = $50.

Wednesday 5th, Tekken 7



Full details and sign-up links are available through the pages for each event (linked above). Livestreams of CWL tournaments are available at, and, with Cheese League events streamed on

Make sure to check back each month so you never miss a tournament near you – the next one might be yours to win!

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