Events Calendar: March 2023

March 3, 2023

Written by Tom Anderson

The FGC’s collective holiday hangover is fading away like the summer heat, and it’s time to dive back into the 2023 CouchWarriors League schedule! That schedule now includes The Game Expo Melbourne, which is set to be one of the first non-ranbat offline tournaments of the year.

Here are the dates and sign-up links for that, and all the other March CouchWarriors League events – both online and offline.

We’ve got our regular regional ranbats of course, with Smash and FGC events in both Melbourne and Adelaide. We’re also supporting more local tournaments through the CWL this season; if you want to know more, keep an eye out for those on next month’s calendar.

And of course, we still have CWL Online in its new game-of-the-month format with souped-up prizes!

For March, the focus is all on Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. With SF6 drawing ever closer, there’s not many chances left for players to leave their mark on this generation of the franchise. Who will take first place and 20 CWL points this month?




Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th, Melbourne: The Game Expo Melbourne

$5000 plus in prizes over a swathe of FGC & Smash events – plus CWL ranking points.



Saturday 4th, Melbourne: VIC Smash Ranbat

Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th, Melbourne: The Game Expo

Sunday 12th, Adelaide: Cheese League – Smash Ultimate

Saturday 18th, Melbourne: VIC FGC Ranbat

Sunday 19th, Adelaide: Cheese League – Smash Melee & FGC



This month’s grand prize comes courtesy of Astro Gaming, who are equipping the winner with their slick-looking A30 headset. Meanwhile Mwave have our other podium-placers covered with some AWESOME gift cards to use in their store!
1st = Astro A30, 2nd = $100 gift card, 3rd = $50.

Wednesday 8th, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition



Full details and sign-up links are available through the pages for each event (linked above). Livestreams of CWL tournaments are available at, and, with Cheese League events streamed on

Make sure to check back each month so you never miss a tournament near you – the next one might be yours to win!

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