Events & Details: June 2022

June 6, 2022

Written by Tom Anderson

BAM12 was a huge success and a well-earned celebration of everything fighting games… but that doesn’t mean we’re taking the next month off! Here are the dates and sign-up links for all June’s CouchWarriors League events, both online and offline.

You can also send us your highlights, photos and stream links on Discord, Facebook or Twitter – help us share your favourite tournament moments with the rest of the AUS FGC!




Saturday 4th, Melbourne: VIC Smash Ranbat

Sunday 12th, Adelaide: Cheese League – Smash Ultimate

Saturday 18th, Melbourne: VIC FGC Ranbat

Sunday 19th, Adelaide: Cheese League – FGC & Melee Ranbat

Unfortunately, the CW QLD Ranbat is cancelled until further notice due to flood damage.



This month’s prizes come courtesy of Mwave!
1st = $100 gift card, 2nd = $50.
We also have 2 game codes for House of Ashes to give away…
The new Bandai Namco horror-thriller will be a bonus prize for Tekken 7 & GG:ST!

Wednesday 1st: Street Fighter V
Wednesday 8th:
Tekken 7
Wednesday 15th:
Smash Ultimate
Tuesday 21st:
Guilty Gear Strive


Full details and sign-up links are available through the pages for each event (linked above). Livestreams of CWL tournaments are available at, and, with Cheese League events streamed on

Make sure to check back each month so you never miss a tournament near you – the next one might be yours to win!

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