VIC February 2020 Smash Ranbat Results

February 25, 2020

Written by Tom Anderson

CouchWarriors VIC Smash Ranbats for February 2020 were held on Saturday the 22nd at Davies St in Brunswick. Here’s a summary of the results in every game and how the top matches played out. A complete listing of match results and brackets for each game can be viewed on here.

Results for Smash U count towards the standings for the BAM Path To EVO series for that game, which can be viewed here.

Smash Ultimate

1. Kanga|Jdizzle

2. SebPro101

3. FURY|RaZe

A force has been bubbling beneath the surface in VIC Ultimate… one which, after months of near-misses, had now grown too powerful to be denied. Jonathan “KANGA|Jdizzle” Douglas has long been recognised as among our nation’s best, but he has always been the bridesmaid at our monthlies, losing Grands to 3 different players in the last 3 months. Here he finally snatched the trophy, having swept the entire bracket flawlessly. But the man he lost to last month – oft-time doubles partner Bradley “DD” Kun – was not registered to compete, leaving the question open should they meet again in March.

Smash Melee

1. DS|Sora

2. LGC|DonB

3. Kanga|Dekar

Another stable tournament for the VIC Melee scene with DarkSided star Joshua “Sora” Lyras looking smooth as butter in his unbeaten run. Melbourne Melee honcho and CouchWarriors President Cailan Kingsbury showed up on the day with a solid 4th place, tagging up as “MM|Caesar” as befits his lofty status.

Ultimate Doubles

1. SebPro101 / R!OT|Duon

2. Kanga|Jdizzle / Shen

3. P9 / Insie

To gain something, one must give something up, and so we saw Jdizzle finally slip from the top of the double rankings this month. Instead it was his winning partner from January, Jason Lee “R!OT|DOME|Duon” Mustapic, who took it down – giving Sebastian “SebPro101” Tabone revenge on Jdizzle for his singles loss in the process.

Melee Doubles

1. FTD|lil se$h / Skip

2. Bubby / Fess

3. Emps / Splice

We almost got the huge 6-0 Grand Finals reset here, but the dynamic duo of Campbell “FTD|lil se$h” Purves and Patrick “Skip” Atallah rallied at the brink and brought it back to lock up their victory.

Project M

1. OsP|Microsoft J

2. Bubby

3. Fess

The absence of a few top Project M competitors gave space for some new names to shine this month, as well as for Jordi “OsP|Microsoft J” Giannopoulos to show his class and pick up a ranbat win. He still had to earn it though, as Rebecca “Bubby” Owen made a gutsy run through Losers (including winning their runback against Didier “Fess” Vincent) and took the first set off Microsoft J in Grand Finals before finally going down.

Rivals of Aether

1. SNC

2. RC|Jet

3. Conga-Heli

Congratulations to all of our top-placed competitors from February! You can find details of future ranbat events on the CouchWarriors Facebook page. And of course, if you have any great anecdotes or images from CouchWarriors tournaments, send them to me on Twitter or email to get them included in the writeup!

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