EGAA Establishes New Zealand Panel, EGANZ

July 18, 2018

Written by EGAA

The Esports Games Association Australia (EGAA) announces the establishment of a dedicated Panel serving the esports scene and its stakeholders in New Zealand, led by Board Member and trusted esports leader, Jason Spiller.

Jason has assembled an excellent leadership group on the panel made up of New Zealand esports’ finest:

  • Conrad Ware, leader of Ping Zero, New Zealand’s longest running LAN community
  • Tom Featonby, leader of the Waikato United Gaming Society (WUGS), and the Godfather of Waikato gaming
  • Leni Ayoub, the voice of the PC community and long-serving esports supporter
  • David Niue, the undisputed champion of the Kiwi fighting game community
  • Jon Dudley, of Masterminds, and Kiwi esports cultural attaché
  • Ben ‘Crimson’ Macdonald, a long-time player in the esports scene, competing for SYF Gaming.

Known as EGANZ, this panel of New Zealand gaming community and esports leaders is intent on growing the esports scene in Aotearoa in the most professional and self-sustainable way, assisting with dedicated community engagement, representation, and advocacy.

Marking today’s announcement, Jason Spiller said: “I am so excited to work alongside an amazing group of esports leaders to ensure that the future of Kiwi esports is positive, sustainable, collaborative, and globally connected. EGANZ is all about supporting kiwi gamers giving them every bit of support to reach their goals in esports.”

New Zealand is in a unique position not only in its location but also in the wider esports landscape. As leaders in the community, and working for the community, with decades of experience collectively within the New Zealand gaming scene, the EGANZ Panel pride themselves on their ability to help shape and grow the scene, as well as to support everyone in it. This support extends to promoting Kiwi esports and individuals internationally, as well as to players competing at home, or further afield, continuing a strong legacy of Kiwi sportspeople, entertainers, and creative talent punching well above their weight on the world stage.

EGANZ is from the New Zealand esports scene, provides leadership in the scene, and is for New Zealand esports. For Kiwi gamers looking to turn pro, or continue along the pathway, this is your local team along the way.

With that as its mission, the EGANZ Panel is for everyone in the New Zealand esports community – there to help and advise on best practice rules and regulations, leading to a sustainable, inclusive, and thriving esports scene in New Zealand.

Reach out to the EGANZ Panel for help and advice, or to get involved in building a better Kiwi esports scene, or standby for more news to follow.




About Jason Spiller:

Bringing 15 years of experience in multiple facets of the gaming industry to the table, Jason is a passionate supporter of the gaming and geek communities in New Zealand. Helping to shape the Kiwi esports industry with involvement the New Zealand World Cyber Games qualifiers and managing the eBlacks, New Zealand’s national esports team during the 2000’s. More recently Jason has worked for Xbox and OMEN by HP supporting local Tournament Organisers and communities to provide opportunities for Kiwi gamers to realize their international ambitions.

Currently Jason serves as the Games and Esports Lead at OMEN by HP New Zealand.

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