SMG Studio & Indie Game Film Fest

April 3, 2015

SMG Studio is an independent games studio in Sydney.

On April 1, in partnership with Microsoft Australia, SMG will be hosting an ‘Indie Game Film Fest’ in Sydney–a double bill of GameLoading: Rise of the Indies and US & the Game Industry–to raise money for children’s charity, Variety.

Here, Ash Ringrose of SMG, shares a little about how the event came about, and how you can help.

For the GameLoading screening we just wanted to help share the film around and make sure people saw it. For US and the Game Industry, I didnt even know about the film until I asked the community what other indie game films should we try and get.

I felt like these smaller films, they dont get much distribution and then people just end up downloading it (legally or illegally) and we dont foster the community. Game devs are usually introverted, so getting together at a cinema is a much better way to experience the film.

We got Microsoft Australia on board to help cover most of the fees so we can donate even more to Variety, the children’s charity.

We’d really appreciate any extra help getting the word out there to sell more tickets and especially to people NOT in the industry, so they can learn about it. I think anyone who likes games will find these films fascinating.

Event details and ticket purchases can be made here:

We did a screening of Indie Game The Movie a few years back and raised $4500 for charity.

Events such as these don’t require that much work to organise, but require a lot of emails back and forward. Including hassling people to get tickets!

SMG Studio can be found online here: and on Twitter: @smgstudio

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