What to expect

February 24, 2015

With today’s soft launch of Hearts & Coins, it’s probably a good time to outline what you can expect from the site over the coming year.

While the primary focus will be on building out a calendar of games-related charity events, the ambition of Hearts & Coins is to grow over time to become a hub of information and inspiration.

Here are the main categories of posts that will appear on the site:

Big or small, the aim is to include all games-related charity events in Australia, and bring increased attention and support to each.

These are personal posts, from me to you, explaining what’s going on with the site.

Great ideas for creating your own games-related charity event or activity.

Interviews with people who are involved in games-related charity. The emphasis will be on their personal experiences, lessons learned, thoughts on games-related charity in Australia, and more.

This will be the ‘how to’ section of Hearts & Coins. It will include practical and ethical advice on running your own games-related charity event or activity. Topics may include: how to conduct an online charity auction, how to Twitch stream an event, how to increase the financial transparency of your event or project. Things like that. These will be written by people who have had extensive experience in the area.

Then, of course, there is also the official Hearts & Coins Twitter feed to follow — @heartsandcoins — strongly recommended if you want to be part of the conversation.

I’m hoping you’ll find Hearts & Coins an invaluable resource, and a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. A ‘home’ for Australian games-related charity.

Be sure to let me know what you think!


IMAGE: Screenshot taken while playing Thomas Was Alone, by Mike Bithell.

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