April 18, 2015


April onwards, 2015

WiDGET is an organisation set up to help support women devs in games and technology.

According to its Facebook page, “WiDGET hopes to increase the number of women making awesome stuff in our culture and community by supplying resources, showcasing role models, and providing an encouraging space in which to ask questions and learn from others.”

To do this more effectively, WiDGET hopes to become a legally recognised Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisation. And to cover those costs, WiDGET has created a zine to sell.

The zine is a 36 page, hand-customised publication that covers a range of stories, thoughts, art and articles for women in dev. The cover price is $2.

To buy a copy of the zine, ping Leena Van Deventer on Twitter @LeenaVanD or email her: [email protected]

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