Hunt for Starlight

April 30, 2015

Written by Drew

Hunt for Starlight: a Monster Hunter Live Stream

30 April, 2015


Hunters locally and abroad, join together and let’s Hunt for Starlight.

Locally at EB Games Swanston Street we’ll be hosting an event where all donations on site go towards a raffle, the Grand Prize being a Capcom Figure Builder Standard Model Plus -Angry Ver.- Set courtesy of Capcom Europe.

During the event and afterwards, tune into and hunt with the crew locally plus participate in our special STAR KNIGHT FOR STARLIGHT campaign!

Star Knight for Starlight allows hunters to participate in the special ‘Star Knight’ armour quest, only obtainable from Universal Studios Japan, which grants the incredibly limited Star Knight armour set after multiple completions.

Let’s hunt together and raise money for Starlight Children’s Foundation!

Event wrap:

In total, $1,322.27 was raised by the combined charity Twitch streams and donated to Starlight Foundation.

To break it down, $550 was raised locally. The remainder was earned worldwide throughout the Twitch broadcast

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