Metroid in Monster Hunter: Nintendo Direct 08/10/14

October 8, 2014

Monster Hunter MetroidOn Wednesday, Nintendo of Japan held a Direct for the upcoming 3DS game, Monster Hunter 4G. The game is due to release in Japan in just three days, and will be hitting the West under the name ‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’ early next year.

The Nintendo Direct was 27 minutes and contained a number of new announcements. A lot of these consisted of crossovers between Monster Hunter and other franchises.

It opened with a Japanese celebrity playing the game on a New 3DS, using a lance and trying out the freehunting mode. Next she had a crack at a Diablos fight in what appeared to be the Old Desert map, returning from Freedom Unite and revamped for the fourth generation. They’ve added in a number of new ledges so the players can take full advantage of the jumping mechanic introcduced in Monster Hunter 4.

Two members of the Monster Hunter 4G development team appeared to discuss the game. First they talked about the New 3DS console, some of its new features and the Monster Hunter-inspired cases for the console.

Dondruma Town acted as the Guild Hall in Monster Hunter 2, and will be back in Monster Hunter 4G for the offline high rank arc of the game’s story. It was seen some more in the Direct, and was shown to now be equipped with ballistae, a cannon and a dragonator for warding off monster attacks. One of these attacks was shown, and it has been confirmed that you will be required to repel monsters from the town using this equipment as part of the game’s plot. The two developers took a walk around town and showed off some of its new equipment, as well as some other parts of it which had been altered. While there, they found and fought a Teostra, who can now use the Blast status affliction.

The new weapons found in Dondruma Town were seen in action in the Direct. The cannons can instantly fire off multiple shots, and each shot must be loaded individually by the hunter. The dragonator was seen to move on rails after the hunter activated it, but we were cut to a different scene before we could see what it does. The two eventually failed the Teostra quest.

The Monster Hunter Nintendo 3DS themes were shown, and will be releasing this week in Japan. They will cost 200 yen.

The Monster Hunter team is introducing an in-game supply pack for hunters. It contains 10 different items, from honey to max potions to farcasters.

The Taiko-themed Hunting Horn was shown. The notes displayed when playing songs are lifted from the Taiko series. The quest will become available in Japan from November 20th.

Next up was the Sonic the Hedgehog armour set for felyne companions. A date for release of December 5th for Japan was given.

The quest for the Animal Crossing felyne armour will be a limited release. It will be available for Japanese consoles between October 15th and December 17th.

Finally, a whole new weapon and arnour set based on the Metroid series was announced! You’ll be able to play in either Samus’ Varia suit or in Zero Suit Samus’ clothes. There will also be a heavy bowgun based on her arm cannon. This will be available in Japan between December 17th and January 28th. It has also been confirmed for a Western release by Capcom’s very own Reno.

That’s it for this Direct. Monster Hunter 4G is out on October 11th in Japan. It’s slated for a Western release in “early 2015″. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

For now, watch the entire Direct below:

Thanks to Kogath for supplying some information!

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