Monster Hunter X Announced for 3DS in Japan

May 31, 2015

Monster Hunter X - LogoCapcom held a special Monster Hunter event just for Japan tonight. I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I found out about it a month ago, particularly since people were speculating that Monster Hunter 5 would be announced.

Adam Evanko, known in the community as Gaijin Hunter, was fortunate enough to attend after he got into the event via a raffle. He was livetweeting the event as it happened, and a few things were discussed.

Evanko first confirmed that the Felyne Village series would be coming to the 3DS, to release in Japan on October 9th. This game lets you raise monsters from eggs in a felyne village. Baby Rathalos and “Yian” (I’m assuming he was referring to Kut-Ku) have been confirmed, as have some collaborations, of which Mario and Animal Crossing were named. The game will be developed by From Software, who are perhaps best known for Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls.

Monster Hunter X (pronounced “cross”) was another game announced, and this appeared to be the big one. Each weapon has a number of new abilities, with Capcom saying that the game will be much more technical. There are four styles of play to choose from, with a heavy emphasis being placed on one’s ability to customise the way they play.

The game will have new areas to hunt in, weapons to choose from and monsters to fight, and the villages from previous Monster Hunter generations will be making a return. There will be four main villages and four flagship monsters, presumably one for each village.

It’s built on the same engine as 4 Ultimate, so it seems as though it ill have all of those moves, plus more. Those who play the new Monster Hunter Felyne Village game first will get a bonus in Cross. It will be releasing in Japan this Winter, which for them, is December – February.

I was expecting Monster Hunter 5, but got something way better. This game sounds like it’s going to be huge, with so many monsters to hunt and towns to utilise. I suspect a trailer will be shown on tonight’s Japanese Nintendo Direct. I really hope this one gets localised, which given the huge success of 4 Ultimate – the first Monster Hunter game to move one million units in the West – I think we will.

See the trailers for both games in the Direct below; Felyne Village is first, followed by Monster Hunter X.

This post will be updated as more information comes to light.

It’s worth noting that myself, Karty and my partner stream Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate every week on Thursday night, at 8 PM AEST over at our Twitch channel. Be sure to tune in if you can, as we often hunt with the audience and have been doing Star Knight every two weeks after my partner came back from a trip to Japan. We’ll be importing Monster Hunter X when it releases and will definitely be streaming that, so make sure to keep checking back!

What do you guys want to see out of this game?

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