Playstation Experience Keynote Report – Looking Forward to 2015

December 7, 2014

With numerous announcements and confirmations, Sony’s keynote at the Playstation Experience convention in Las Vegas was an exciting look as to what will be hitting the various Playstation platforms in 2015 & beyond.

Kicking things off with Sony themselves, they showed footage from The Order 1886 & Until Dawn and announced MLB 2015: The Show for a March 31st release date across all their platforms. They also showed off the first proper gameplay from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, in a lengthy 15 minute presentation. Bloodborne also had multiplayer confirmed, in the form of “Chalice Dungeon”, a procedurally generated area that shifts and changes based on the players abilities.

Sony also showed off footage from Drawn to Death, a multplayer arena shooter from The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, and the first game by God of War & Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe. Speaking of the former, it was announced that Sony Santa Monica are currently working on a new iteration of the series for Playstation 4. Giant Sparrow, of The Unfinished Swan fame, announced their second game – PS4 title What Remains of Edith Finch, a collection of short stories about a cursed family in Washington State. Wattam – a collaboration between Glitch developers Keita Takahashi & Robin Hunicke, was also announced.

As far as third party news was concerned, there was quite a bit. Capcom officially announced Street Fighter V for Playstation 4 & PC. Despite the announcement trailer being leaked days before the keynote, Sony & Capcom had a some key details to share. Firstly, console & PC players will be able to play with one another. Secondly, Sony’s Adam Boyes confirmed that “PS4 will be the only console this game ever appears on.” Thirdly, Capcom showed an extended bit of footage that wasn’t part of the initial leaks. In addition to this, Capcom announced that Ultra Street Fighter IV will be releasing on PS4 in 2015, with every costume included so far. Once again, it’s exclusively hitting PS4. Capcom also very quickly announced that Resident Evil Revelations 2 will also be hitting the Vita in 2015.

Sega confirmed that Yakuza 5, the single most requested game from Sony’s “Building the List” initiative, will finally see an English release in 2015. It’ll be released digitally only, but joins Yakuza 4 and Yakuza Dead Souls – which have been released digitally as of today. Atlus also had an announcement of their own – Persona 5 will see a US release in 2015 on both Playstation 3 & 4. While Konami didn’t have any new Metal Gear info to share, they also announced that two of their most requested back catalogue titles – Suikoden & Suikoden II, will see release on the US PSN this week. Square-Enix also announced they’ll be releasing Final Fantasy VII for PS4 in 2015, although as a slightly upscaled version of the Steam version.

There was also a bevy of indie game related news. In particular, Double Fine had a few announcements to share. Their remaster of Grim Fandango will be released in late January, and announced their next remaster – Day of The Tentacle. The developer also announced that Gang Beasts, a local multiplayer brawler they’re publishing, will be hitting PS4 in 2015, and the completed Broken Age will also be hitting in 2015 on PS4/Vita. Two of 2014′s more acclaimed indie games, Super Time Force Ultra & Shovel Knight, will also see release on Playstation systems in 2015 – each with exclusive content. Supergiant Games will also be bringing Bastion to Playstation in 2015, on PS4 & Vita. Co-Op zombie shooter Killing Floor 2 will also see a PS4 release in 2015.

With 2014 pretty much done and dusted, 2015 is set to look like a packed year for Playstation owners.

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