Pokemon Sun & Moon Release Date, Starters Confirmed

May 10, 2016

Last week, it was announced that we could soon expect out first lot of real information on the next entries in the Pokemon series, Sun & Moon. Today, we got what were were promised, with a new trailer dropping worldwide.

The trailer started by introducing us to our protagonist, for whom we caught a glimpse of new customisation options in the Japanese trailer. A few of their friends what are probably other main characters. They will be adventuring in the brand new Alola region, which aside from its existence, we know little about. Bits and pieces of Alola were littered throughout the trailer, so we have a rough idea as to how the continent will look; it seems to be tropical.

Our three new starters have been confirmed. The adorable grass-flying Rowlet was the first we saw, followed by the fiery Litten, with the water-type Popplio. Our legendaries were sighted, though not not named or typed; the beast on the cover of Sun version looks a lot like a lion, with its mane reminding me a lot of the sun itself. The creature on the cover of Moon can only be described as bat-like, with patterns on the end of its arms and a face shaped like a crescent moon.

Finally, the release date has been confirmed for November 18 for Japan, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Europe will be getting it the following Wednesday, on November 23.

This game will be dropping for me right around the end of the exam period. I haven’t played any mainline Pokemon games extensively since Diamond, and only dabbled in Black and X, but I’ll be keeping a keen eye on Sun & Moon to see how it evolves. There’s something about these games that look interesting.

The trailer is embedded below:

Will any of you guys be getting this game on release?

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