Twitch Implements Audio Recognition, Changes to VODs

August 7, 2014

Twitch logoThe streaming service Twitch has announced a number of changes to its service, most notably implementing audio-recognition controls onto Past Broadcasts and Highlights videos stored on its site.

Twitch will now scan archived videos using the third-party service Audible Magic for any piece of audio that is controlled by Audible Magic clients — this includes in-game and ambient music. If it detects any deemed copyright breach in a 30 minute block of video, Twitch will mute that entire half-hour.

These audio controls will not be implemented into live streams.

“We respect the rights of copyright owners,” said the company in a blog post, “and are voluntarily undertaking this effort to help protect both our broadcasters and copyright owners.”

This audio-recognition system has already resulted in high-profile videos being muted, including Twitch’s own Twitch Weekly stream. As at writing, infringing Twitch Weekly videos have still been muted.

Twitch also announced it is removing the ‘save forever’ feature for videos on the site. Past broadcasts will now be archived for between three and 14 days, with Twitch Partner Program participants having access to a 60 day archive. This means that in three weeks, Twitch will commence deleting older Past Broadcasts from its servers. Highlights will still be saved indefinitely, though they will be limited to two hours in length.

These announcement comes after numerous reports that Google is looking to acquire the streaming service. YouTube notably has a similar audio-recognition system in Content ID.


Disclosure: New Game Plus is a Twitch Partner.

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