Namco Sounds Comes To Streaming, Debuts With Tekken!

August 13, 2019

Written by Jamie Galea

It’s been a good year for video game soundtracks coming to streaming platforms. Capcom kicked things off with a great selection of music, and adding their most recent works as the year went on. Konami also got in on this, re-releasing a heap of Castlevania tunes. Square-Enix properly joined up around E3 time with a glut of Final Fantasy soundtracks, so it’s great to see the next publisher joining the streaming music revolution is Bandai Namco! Earlier today, eagle-eyed Spotify users noticed official pages for the company, with several Tekken soundtracks avaialble for streaming. We can also confirm that they’re up on Apple Music.

If you’re interested, here are Apple Music & Spotify links to each Tekken soundtrack currently available:

Tekken: Spotify / Apple Music
Tekken 2: Spotify / Apple Music
Tekken 3: Spotify / Apple Music
Tekken 4: Spotify / Apple Music
Tekken 5: Spotify / Apple Music
Tekken 6: Spotify / Apple Music
Tekken 7: Spotify / Apple Music

While it’s great that Namco have made a strong debut on streaming platforms, this initial drop is incomplete. Neither Tekken Tag Tournament soundtrack is up there, nor is the soundtrack to the F2P experiment that was Tekken Revolution. Tekken 7’s soundtrack is also omitting a bunch of tracks, possibly due to it being based on the soundtrack initially released for the console version (the game has multiple soundtrack releases). We’re hoping Namco rectifies this as soon as possible, because nobody should miss out on the joys that are the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 soundtrack, or the amazing Fatal Fury and Final Fantasy XV remixes present in Tekken 7.

More importantly, it lays the groundwork for one of gaming’s more beloved providers of amazing soundtracks coming to streaming, and we’re eagerly awaiting what comes next.

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